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2000 Archives

Oct 26, 2000
Sony Computer Entertainment America Drives Category Growth Through Introduction of Revolutionary Console Aimed At Defining a New Form of Entertainment
Oct 24, 2000
Featuring a Redesigned Game Engine and More Intuitive Controls, the Newest Installment in Basketball Videogame Franchise Becomes Available October 24
Oct 24, 2000
Original PlayStation® Game Console Football Franchise Makes Leap to PlayStation 2 with Realistic Graphics, Detailed Player Models And Advanced Gameplay
Oct 24, 2000
Best-Selling Snowboarding Franchise for the PlayStation® Game Console Carves Up the Competition With All-New Pros, Courses, Tricks, Features And Gameplay
Oct 10, 2000
Third Installment of the Popular Franchise Is the Biggest Adventure Yet
Oct 5, 2000
PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System Consumer Sampling Opportunity, "PlayStation 2 Soul Bowl" and Grind Session™ Street Course Intensify Extreme Sports Action at Grand Finale Competition
Sep 29, 2000
Latest Line-Up Includes Transformation of Dawson's Desktop Into Rotating Desktops for Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen
Sep 28, 2000
New Entertainment Franchises Developed for PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System from World's Premier Software Developers; 26 Titles Available at Launch with more than 50 Scheduled by the Holidays
Sep 27, 2000
Company Prepares for the Biggest Consumer Electronics Launch in History
Sep 19, 2000
Newly-Designed PlayStation® Game Console Further Demonstrates Company's Commitment to Its Existing Business
Sep 18, 2000
Consumers Redeem Proofs-of-Purchase for PlayStation® Game Tips and Coupons
Sep 8, 2000
Judge's TV Show to Premiere in National Syndication on Monday, September 11th
Sep 5, 2000
Featuring Goal Tender Curtis Joseph as This Season's Cover Athlete, Top-Selling Hockey Videogame Returns With New Play Modes, Intricate AI And Exclusive New Features
Sep 1, 2000
Joint Promotion will Feature a Y&R-Themed Trivia Game
Aug 31, 2000
Interactive Family Festival Offers Consumers Opportunity to Demo Highly-Anticipated PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System And Best-Selling PlayStation® Game Console