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Apr 22, 2019
-- New TV Lineup Brings Creators' Intent Brilliantly to Life with Premium Picture Quality and Unmatched Processing Power --
Apr 16, 2019
-- New lineup Delivers High-quality Sound on the Go and Ultimate Home Cinema Experience --
Apr 7, 2019
Sony Empowers Resource Sharing across Multiple Locations to Support Broadcasters in Overcoming Budget and Productivity Challenges
Apr 7, 2019
HDC-5500 Features Ultra High Bit Rate Transmission, Global Shutter CMOS Imagers with Wide Color Gamut, Low Signal-to-Noise and High Frame Rate Shooting
Apr 7, 2019
Sony is Strengthening its Commitment to the Media Industry's Needs, Making 4K and 8K Resolution, High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, IP and Cloud Even More Accessible