Screenblast, WildTangent and Distant Corners Entertainment Group Start an Evilution

- Sci-Fi Thriller Game Appears Exclusively on Screenblast as Part Of Creature Features' 'How to Make a Monster' Movie on Cinemax -


Screenblast, the recently launched broadband creativity platform, WildTangent, leaders in interactive media technology, and Distant Corners Entertainment Group announced today the launch of "Evilution: The Legend of Helnaar" on Screenblast ( Evilution is a game featured in the Cinemax pay cable premiere of "How to Make a Monster," which is part of the Creature Features series produced by Lou Arkoff, Stan Winston and Colleen Camp. "How to Make a Monster," which premiered October 11 at 10:00 p.m. EST, is about a group of greedy misfit programmers who develop the ultimate, scary video game, "Evilution," only to be hunted down by its indestructible monster. With $1 million and their lives at stake, it's winner-take-all in a game with no rules.

Evilution: The Legend of Helnaar, created by John Hegeman, founder of Distant Corners Entertainment Group and developed by WildTangent, is a heart-stopping, Web-based, interactive 3D game where the player must defend his life against evil creatures that plan to take over the world. Debuting exclusively on Screenblast, game enthusiasts are among the first to experience the new game, entering directly into the plotline. Because of WildTangent's interactive 3D platform, Evilution can be played online with the style of a CD-ROM game using virtually any Internet connection. The demo level of the game is free with the option to buy the full version of seven levels for $14.97.

"Developing an online game that is inspired by the action found in 'How to Make a Monster' greatly enhances our efforts to involve viewers in the show's plot and pushes the entertainment value to a new level," said creator John Hegeman.

"In Evilution's seven game levels, players will enjoy a high level of interactivity and 3D action like they have never experienced on the Internet before," said Alex St. John, co-founder and CEO of WildTangent. "The WildTangent Web Driver allows this in-depth game to perform seamlessly in a Web page."

"Having the Evilution game launch in conjunction with the premiere of the Creature Features series and 'How to Make a Monster' movie is just the type of synergistic online event we were looking for to capture our core audience," said Creature Features producer, Lou Arkoff.

"We have seen with our own content that audiences increasingly crave the opportunity to take their entertainment experience online in new engaging and interactive ways. Gamers are an especially passionate and empowered community seeking to fully immerse themselves. This knowledge, combined with the movie's game being brought to life on Screenblast's broadband platform, will raise the standard for creating these types of role playing experiences moving forward," said Andrew Schneider, senior vice president and general manager of Screenblast.

WildTangent's Web Driverâ„¢ technology enables Web and game developers to create and deliver cutting-edge multimedia content via the Internet using standard scripting languages. The Web Driver software development kit enables developers to take advantage of a user's hardware acceleration to display graphically rich and highly interactive content. In doing so, Web developers can quickly develop and license premium entertainment and gaming content that scales to many users' systems, including a 56k modem.

About WildTangent

WildTangent ( is a leading provider of multimedia graphics, animation and interactivity, creating enriched Internet experiences. Nominated for PC Magazine's 2000 Technical Excellence Awards and named one of Newsweek's Top Five Technologies for 2001, WildTangent's proprietary Web Driverâ„¢ technology provides unprecedented performance on a Web page, allowing the creation of faster, richer, more interactive content. The Web Driver's unique compression technology allows interactive multimedia content to be streamed and cached on a user's machine with minimal wait. Product downloads, information and developer resources, are posted on the WildTangent Web site at

About Distant Corners Entertainment Group, Inc.

Distant Corners Entertainment Group ( is an independent entertainment company, founded by John Hegeman, which focuses on the development and production of multi-platform genre properties. Upcoming genre efforts include: Creature Features, an online companion piece to the Cinemax Feature Film series airing this Fall, Evilution, an online 3D game inspired by the Creature Features movie "How To Make A Monster," Nightmares, an online environment where users can submit their nightmares for interpretation by an expert, discuss their nightmares with the user community, and view animated nightmares, Thunder Force, (the top-rated TV series in Asia) best described as Crouching Tiger meets The Thunderbirds, and Tooth Fairy, a feature film about a small town that is terrorized by a demon who gives the saying "don't peek" a whole new meaning. Distant Corners Entertainment is headquartered in New York.

About Screenblast

Built on the online entertainment innovations Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment has become known for, Screenblast uses a broadband-based creativity platform to deliver one of the first unique interactive entertainment environments for users to create and immerse themselves in.

About Creature Features Productions

Creature Features Productions, LLC has developed and is producing "Creature Features" based on remake and sequel rights obtained from the Sam Arkoff/AIP library. The initial four "Creature Features" original films being produced by Lou Arkoff, Stan Winston and Colleen Camp and premiering on Cinemax are "She Creature," "How to Make a Monster," "Earth vs. The Spider," and "Teenage Caveman."


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