TV Drama 'Pasadena's' Official Website Takes Convergence to New Heights With Jennie's Video Journal

Special Promotional Webisode Appears on Homepage the Minute Each Episode Ends on Air, Providing After-Hours Peak Into World of 'Pasadena' Residents


Beginning September 28, 2001, concurrent with the television series premiere of "Pasadena," viewers can log on to immediately after the show airs on FOX, Fridays at 9pm EST/8pm CST, and dive into Jennie's Video Journal. Nicole Paggi, the actress portraying teen character "Jennie Bradbury" (Lily Greeley McAllister's best friend and confidante) on the show, appears in these exclusive promotional webisodes to provide fans with a unique insight into her friend Lily's complex and mysterious world. A new webisode entry of Jennie's Video Journal will be revealed all season after each episode of the exciting ensemble family drama created by writer/producer Mike White ("Chuck & Buck").

"Jennie's Video Journal creates a rare opportunity to organically combine television and the Web to continue the 'Pasadena' experience, even after the credits roll," says White.

As the season progresses and the viewer becomes exposed to Jennie and Lily's school, the prestigious Arroyo Alto Prep, a spin off web site linked from the "Pasadena" site takes fans directly into the classroom. Featured content will include the online version of the school's newspaper, articles about student activity, and a message from the dean. This mini site will also be directly accessible from

The overall "Pasadena" Web site is further inspired by the show's fictionalized newspaper, the Los Angeles Sun. The Greeley's, the series reigning family, have a history rich with scandal, and the local paper they own offers the ideal theme to continue the show's experience online. An archived section at the site allows visitors to scroll through a "micro fiche"-like archive to learn more about the family's history. Fans can also get acquainted with the Greeley family through an interactive Family Tree, providing a closer and enticing look at the characters. To complete the feel, users can also log on to the site via

"We wanted to match the intense spirit of the show with an equally immersive online presence, and look at revolutionary ways in which the Web can further the TV experience," said Steve Jacobs, director of marketing and production, television for Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment's Agency Group. "Every aspect of the site, from enhanced features, content, and even the attention to detail in its newspaper look, enables users to virtually explore the many rich layers of the 'Pasadena' neighborhood."

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