Cool Boarders® 2001 Takes the #1 Selling Snowboarding Videogame Franchise To New Heights

Best-Selling Snowboarding Franchise for the PlayStation® Game Console Carves Up the Competition With All-New Pros, Courses, Tricks, Features And Gameplay


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., makers of the best-selling Cool Boarders® snowboarding videogame series, announced today that Cool Boarders® 2001 is now available for the PlayStation® game console. With game development assistance from ten world-famous professional snowboarders, the addition of more than 20 new challenging courses, fluid gameplay that captures the speed and action of the slopes, and all new events such as the "Pro Challenge," Cool Boarders 2001 features some of the most realistic snowboarding action in a PlayStation videogame.

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Cool Boarders 2001 allows gamers to ride as and challenge ten different world-renowned professional snowboarders, including three-time North American Champion Todd Richards, six-time Women's World Champion Michele Taggart, U.S. Olympic Team Member Barrett Christy, two-time Female Freestyle Rider of the Year Tara Dakides and Big Air World Champion Kevin Jones. To further increase the realism of the game, Morrow's Todd Richards and MLY's Nate Cole performed motion-capture animations, plus numerous pro riders were recorded on the slopes to provide authentic sounds and movements.

Gamers can choose from eight different play modes and even challenge the world's best boarders to unlock hidden game features. In addition to the Downhill Checkpoint, CBX, Downhill Gates, Board Park, Half Pipe and Big Air events, Cool Boarders 2001 offers a new "Pro Challenge," with each of the pros specializing in a one-on-one challenge event. Players take on the pros at a specific event and, by winning these events, they unlock items such as additional pro boarders, hidden attributes, new boards, new courses and special moves.

"With Cool Boarders 2001, our development team delivers a truly immersive experience in which gamers can enjoy the exhilaration and rush of snowboarding off the slopes," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "The inclusion of world-class riders, 300 new motion-captured animations, new course layouts and the innovative 'Pro Challenge' mode will surely impress gamers and snowboarding enthusiasts alike."

Cool Boarders 2001 delivers many new features where players can experience the true sensation of snowboarding. The large, new course layouts include wide open, branching routes that provide riders the opportunity to perfect their tricks or explore other terrains. Popular features from past Cool Boarders games are present as well, such as the "Trickmaster Mode" and multi-player mode allowing gamers to challenge their friends on any event to see who can nail the best tricks and make it downhill first.

Riders can choose from dozens of authentic snowboard manufacturers such as: Burton®, Forum®, Gnu®, K2®, Lamar®, MLY®, M3®, Morrow®, Salomon®, and Sims®. Each board is based on its actual performance ratings. Players can customize riders by changing body style and dressing them up in top name-brand clothing -- Billabong®, Dragon Optical®, Special Blend™ and Vans® are among those included.

Cool Boarders 2001 features Morrow's three-time North American Snowboarding Champion Todd Richards on the package cover.

  Cool Boarders 2001 Key Features:

  -- Compatible with PS one™ console, PlayStation® game console and
     PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system
  -- Choose from numerous world class professional snowboarders such as:
     Morrow's Todd Richards, Salomon's Michele Taggart, Lamar's Kevin Jones,
     Gnu's Barrett Christy, Forum's Jeremy Jones, Sims' Tara Dakides,
     Burton's Jussi Oksanen, K2's Travis Parker, MLY's Nate Cole and
     M3's Scotty Wittlake
  -- 27 challenging courses within six thrilling events:  Half Pipe,
     Board Park, Big Air, CBX, Downhill Checkpoint and Downhill Gates
  -- New "Pro Challenge" mode challenges gamers to take on professional
     riders in a one-on-one series of events to unlock other pros, hidden
     attributes, new boards, special moves and new courses
  -- More than 300 all-new motion captured animations from Todd Richards and
     other pro riders
  -- All-new tricks, grabs, grinds and special moves
  -- Immersive graphics are the most visually stunning to date, including
     snow falling, deep powder, snow debris on boards and more
  -- Upgraded Character Customization lets gamers create their own character
     and outfit them in top sponsors' gear from Billabong, Special Blend,
     Vans, Dragon Optical and more
  -- New "Pro Challenge Mode" lets the gamer take on the professional riders
     in a one-on-one series of events -- winning these events will unlock
     items such as other pros, attributes, boards, new courses and special
  -- New course layouts offer large wide-open, branching courses for maximum
     downhill success
  -- Select from dozens of authentic snowboards from many different major
     snowboard manufacturers such as Burton, Forum, MLY, M3, Morrow and Sims
  -- "Trickmaster Mode" teaches the gamer how to perfect his/her tricks and
     ride like the pros
  -- Numerous professional snowboarders were recorded to provide authentic
     taunts and sounds
  -- Enhanced fighting feature, created through motion capture, allows for
     fierce competition
  -- Multi-player mode lets the gamer challenge his friends to see who can
     nail the best tricks and get down the hill first

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates Cool Boarders® 2001 "E" for "Everyone." For more information about the ESRB visit

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