Relaunch of 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' Television Series -


                     Featuring New Format and Unique
                 Male/Female Ensemble Hosting Structure -

                           To Begin in February

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Columbia TriStar Television Distribution will launch a new version of its daily daytime series "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" on February 1, it was announced today by Steve Mosko, President, CTTD, and Russ Krasnoff, President, Programming and Production, CTTD.

The redesign of the series -- based on the blockbuster multi-media brand name -- will feature an unprecedented five-person male and female hosting ensemble as well as a new multi-subject format with a variety of fresh segments and other elements.

'Mars/Venus' is one of the best-known, best-liked franchises today and, while we are proud of the series we launched in October, we felt that it wasn't as effective as it could be in translating the essence of the brand -- the male/female dynamic -- in an entertaining and informative way," noted Mosko. "Rather than make a series of cautious and gradual changes, we stepped back, identified our opportunities and came up with a concept that is unique to daytime television and can really tap into the variety of subjects tied to the differences between men and women."

According to Krasnoff, "We believe the best way to honor the 'Mars/Venus' concept was by bringing together male and female voices that also had different life experiences and points of view. We were fortunate to find people who are smart, fun and unafraid to speak their minds, and the chemistry between them was there during their first minutes together."

The hosts are:

Christina Ferrare -- Married with children and stepchildren, Ferrare brings years of local television morning talk show experience to the series. Known for speaking candidly about personal issues relevant to women, she is the author of "Okay, So I Don't Have a Headache: What I Learned (and Women Need to Know) About Hormones, PMS, Stress, Diet, Menopause - and Sex."

Bo Griffin -- Her years of hosting Miami's top-rated morning radio show has made Griffin a strong interviewer on any subject. She is thirtysomething and single, and says what's on her mind -- often cutting to the (sometimes controversial) chase.

Sam Phillips -- From high fashion model to music video star to online columnist and, now, host of an edgy L.A. radio talk show (not to mention being a magazine centerfold), the no-holds-barred self-proclaimed party girl loves men, relationships and talking about them openly.

Dr. Drew Pinsky -- A well-known expert contributor to numerous television and radio shows as well as one of the team that launched "Loveline," he brings both the mature male point of view - as husband and father of triplets -- as well as medical/psychological insight.

Rondell Sheridan -- The stand-up comedian with the approachable style has translated his humor to NBC, UPN and Nickelodeon situation comedies, as well as Fox's "Show Me The Funny" series. Single but in a relationship, he talks candidly about what he's experiencing.

The new structure enables the former single-subject series to grow into a multi-topic format with new features, segments and other elements. Each episode will begin with an open-ended casual conversation among the five hosts, taking a "Mars/Venus" approach to front-of-mind topical issues -- from politics to surgical enhancements. Other segments include celebrity interviews (with a twist), demonstration pieces, real people interviews that are positive and solution-oriented and segments produced on-location.

Columbia TriStar Television Distribution is a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company. Its distribution slate also includes the successful first-run series "Ricki Lake"; "Judge Hatchett" -- ranked #2 among all new daily syndicated series; "V.I.P."; "Sheena," and "Battle Dome." CTTD is also a leader in off-network programming, with such hit titles as "Seinfeld," "Just Shoot Me," "The King of Queens," "Mad About You" and "The Larry Sanders Show."

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