Launches 'SOAPvivor II'

Fans Determine What Happens When Daytime Dramas' Biggest Stars Battle It Out In 16-Week Fictional Cyber-Drama Saluting the Ultimate Reality TV Show


For the second year running, the producers of the web's most popular destination about daytime drama -- -- will be giving the cultural phenomena, Survivor, an even more twisted and entertainingly vicious spin with "SOAPvivor II."

"SOAPvivor II" is an interactive fictional cyber-drama where the devoted SoapCity Community first got to strand their favorite soap opera characters in a remote locale, and now -- in true survivor style -- get to vote one character off each week until there's a sole savvy and conniving soap duke or diva standing.

"Last year's SOAPvivor stimulated so much community fever, we had to open up more message boards and add another server just to handle the volume," adds Mary Coller, Vice President and General Manager of 'SOAPvivor II' is an all-star soap edition of the show, where the vixens and villains from the world of daytime drama go at it, in a set of circumstances created and controlled by their fans -- this is something they dream of doing every day."

SoapCity fans have ultimate control of the direction of this cyber shoot-out. Community members participated in the voting for which soap stars they would like stranded in this struggle, and starting tomorrow, the all-star cast will be unveiled at Beginning the week of February 5th, SoapCity visitors will have the chance to vote off a character each week, and, ultimately, determine the final savvy "SOAPvivor." New chat and message boards at the site will be dedicated to garnering visitor input into the ongoing storylines and challenges that will face the characters over the following weeks.

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