'Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire' Brings the Legendary Mystery to Life On the PlayStation® Game Console

Action-Adventure Game to be Released in Conjunction with Animated Feature


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" for the PS one™ console and the PlayStation® game console. Available in conjunction with the theatrical release of The Walt Disney Company's animated feature film of the same name, this 3D action-platform game is a must-have for this summer.

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"Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" for PlayStation revives the mysterious legend of Atlantis for a whole new audience to enjoy. Players are immersed in an action-packed adventure as they travel far below the earth's surface to uncover the truth behind the Atlantean myth. "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" for PlayStation is set within a vast underwater environment that encompasses 12 huge levels of gameplay, each filled with action, adventure, platform puzzles, racing and bonus activities. Adding to the feature film experience, this epic adventure game includes many locales taken directly from the movie, as well as some additional environments designed specifically for the game.

"The mystery of Atlantis has intrigued people for generations and we're excited to add this captivating tale to our PlayStation library," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "The compelling storyline and appealing characters from the feature film, combined with the fun and challenging interactive gameplay, are sure to make 'Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire' for PlayStation a hit with gamers of all ages and experiences."

In "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" for PlayStation, players take on the role of Milo, a linguist and cartographer, whose ambition is to discover Atlantis. As Milo tries to unlock one of the greatest mysteries of all time, he will have to overcome obstacles, dangerous challenges and even treachery within his own crew to uncover the secret that has evaded mankind for thousands of years.

Milo's first task is to enlist a team of experts in a variety of fields who can help him on his quest. At the helm is Commander Rourke, along with his second-in-command, Helga, a tough leader who commands everyone's attention with her austere beauty and aloof demeanor. Moliere (a.k.a. Mole) is the group's geologist, mineralogist and tunneling specialist; Vinny is the demolitions expert and Audrey is the authority on anything mechanical. In addition, there's Princess Kida, a mysterious Atlantean whose athletic nature and special attacks prove invaluable to the group. Players will be required to control different characters at various stages of the game, using their unique abilities to solve puzzles as they plunge deep into the adventure.

Guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment, "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" for PlayStation encompasses colorful and lively worlds, animated characters, humorous, true-to life actions and an compelling storyline, while delivering an exciting and addictive gameplay experience that gamers of all experience levels can enjoy.

  Key features in "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" include:

  -- 12 Huge Worlds - filled with action-platform elements, puzzles, races
     and other game related activities.
  -- Six playable characters, each with unique skills and abilities,
     providing more depth and a more immersive gameplay experience.
  -- Entertaining, addictive gameplay delivering a balanced mixture of
     movie-like cinematics, puzzles, fighting, platform and
  -- Exciting variety of moves - run, jump, climb, swim, throw and slide
     your way out of precarious situations.
  -- Four completely unique vehicles - go deep underwater in a submarine,
     drive a truck, blast through stone walls in a digger and explore the
     depths in a mini-submersible vehicle.
  -- Fast paced, action-platform puzzles, hazards of all kinds and sizes and
     hidden adventures.  Bonus levels and sub games provide added replay

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates "Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire" "E" for "Everyone." For more information about the ESRB visit http://www.esrb.org/.

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