Gracenote and LSI Logic Announce Strategic Relationship to Create Music Recognition Solution for the Consumer Electronics Market

Gracenote's CDDB® Service to Be Integrated With LSI Logic's ZiVA-5 Processor For Audio Jukebox Applications


Gracenote (formerly CDDB®), a content delivery platform specializing in music recognition services, and LSI Logic, the market leader in digital video processors, today announced a strategic relationship to integrate Gracenote's music recognition technology with LSI Logic's C-Cube ZiVA-5 DVD system processor. This agreement will enable consumer electronics manufacturers to utilize LSI Logic's DVD products to offer access to Gracenote's formidable global database of music information and related content via networked or offline devices.

"This relationship extends Gracenote's reach into the consumer electronics space. We're excited to be a part of this industry-leading family of silicon solutions," said David Hyman, president of Gracenote. "CDDB is a perfect complement to LSI Logic's existing CD, MP3, DVD-Audio, and mainstream DVD playback capabilities."

"ZiVA-5 was the industry's first DVD processor to offer MP3 encoding and a hard disk drive interface. Together with Gracenote's ability to recognize CD's and digital audio files, LSI Logic is excited to extend ZiVA-5's features beyond DVD," said Timothy Vehling, director of consumer products marketing for LSI Logic's Broadband Entertainment Division. "With CDDB, ZiVA-5 will now enable leading consumer electronics manufacturers to quickly add audio jukebox capabilities to their DVD players."

The two firms anticipate that support for the Gracenote Music Recognition will be available with ZiVA-5 for consumer electronics manufacturers by the fourth quarter of this year.

About LSI Logic

LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI) is a leading designer and manufacturer of communications, storage, and consumer semiconductors for applications that access, interconnect and store data, voice and video. In addition, the company supplies storage network solutions for the enterprise. LSI Logic is headquartered at 1551 McCarthy Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035, 866-574-5741, .

With its recent acquisition of C-Cube Microsystems, LSI Logic is a worldwide leader in digital media processing, communication processors and networked consumer products. With a focus on DVD, set-top boxes and codec-enabled products, LSI Logic's consumer products are driving the technology for the "networked digital home."

About Gracenote

Gracenote is a content delivery platform specializing in music recognition technology that enables relevant information and services to enhance the music listening experience. Gracenote designed its platform for makers of media players and encoders, consumer electronics manufacturers, record companies, and on and off-line consumer brands. Its network of technology and services opens new direct interactive channels to online music fans worldwide. Over 4,000 partners worldwide, serving more than one million consumers daily, rely on Gracenote's CDDB® technology, which is the industry standard in Music Recognition Services (MRS). Gracenote was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Berkeley, California. For more information about Gracenote, please see


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