'Dawson's Creek' Executive Producer Paul Stupin Showcases Latest Online Entertainment Creation at the Soon-to-Debut Screenblast

'Rachel's Room' to Offer Arresting Portrayal of Teenage Life


Building on the tremendous success of the popular online entertainment destination Dawson's Desktop, "Dawson's Creek" Executive Producer Paul Stupin and the creators at Screenblast will once again raise the bar on online entertainment with the unveiling of "Rachel's Room." The original program, slated to debut with the official September 10 launch of Screenblast, gives audiences an intimate, honest portrayal of teen life through the eyes -- and web-cam -- of fictional character Rachel Reed.

'Rachel's Room' came out of an idea to do a show specifically for the broadband medium. We wanted to do something that was as far away from television as we could get -- something edgier, rawer, and more interactive. Screenblast was the perfect arena in which to create an entirely new animal. And Rachel's character is a real teenager -- there is a degree of frankness and honesty that you just won't see on television," said Stupin.

Set amidst the real-life character of teenager "Rachel Reed," "Rachel's Room" opens with her literally turning on the web camera for the world -- and not her mother -- to see. The series provides viewers an interesting "fly-on-the-wall" perspective as the major events of her life unfold on the broadband screen in front of them.

But, "Rachel's Room" offers more than a voyeuristic point-of-view as the storyline draws users deep into the life of the main character. The viewer becomes an active participant in the world of the series 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as Rachel invites the users to read her personal diary and ultimately examine their own lives as they explore Rachel's. But, more than voyeurs into Rachel's life, the users will become her friends. Rachel will be integrated and introduced to the Screenblast audience in ways ranging from her very own Screenblast Showcase page to live chats and message board postings.

"Our goal is to somewhat blur the lines of reality by making Rachel an integral part of the entire Screenblast experience -- further reinforcing this as a place for fans and audiences to immerse themselves," said Screenblast Director of Content Development Chris Pike.

'Rachel's Room' is built on the great success of Dawson's Desktop and is a strong example of how interactive experiences can be created for the new broadband medium," added Andrew Schneider, senior vice president and general manager of Screenblast. "Broadband offers both the audience and our advertising partners new ways to interact and engage directly with content."

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