NCAA® Final Four® 2002 Delivers All the Madness of College Hoops To the PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System

989 Sports'™ Latest Installment of the Heralded Basketball Franchise Sports New Features for More In-Your-Face College Hoops Action


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today that NCAA® Final Four® 2002 from the 989 Sports™ development team is now available, marking the release of the latest installment of the heralded PlayStation®2 college hoops franchise. NCAA Final Four 2002 is better than ever as it features new player models, all new Dynasty and Career Modes and new commentary from Billy Packer and Eddie Doucette. With more than 300 Division I teams and arenas recreated in amazing detail, NCAA Final Four 2002 produces the most authentic, high-flying college hoops action for gaming enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

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The next generation in the tradition of the Final Four series, NCAA Final Four 2002 takes fans through the rigors of a full college season with more than 300 Division I-A schools representing 31 different conferences, from the powerhouses to the Cinderella-producers. Team-specific playbooks allow gamers to execute trademark offensive and defensive strategies such as Florida's full court press and Temple's match-up zone. All-new commentary by announcers Eddie Doucette and Billy Packer combine with real college fight songs and crowd chants to help NCAA Final Four 2002 capture the true intensity and spirit of college basketball.

"We are thrilled to bring consumers a comprehensive and fun college basketball game that delivers the same kind of thrill, energy and intense competition of real college basketball," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "With the introduction of the all new Career and Dynasty Modes and the addition of new commentary by Billy Packer and Eddie Doucette, 989 Sports delivers more depth and replay value to the already popular NCAA Final Four franchise with NCAA Final Four 2002."

Fronted by former University of North Carolina All-American cover athlete Joseph Forte, NCAA Final Four 2002 offers authentic college basketball action with new motion captures of 25 dunks including one handed tip jams, reverse dunks and windmill slams as well as no look and behind-the-back passes. This paired with ten different player models recreated in amazing detail with exact height, weight and body style makes NCAA Final Four 2002 a must-have college hoops title this season.

  NCAA Final Four 2002 for PlayStation 2 New Features:

  -- All New Player Graphics -- Ten different player models means on-screen
     players are recreated in remarkable detail. Players are built to spec
     in height, weight and body style, right down to their skin tone.
     Amazingly realistic facial animations are recreated with the use of a
     proprietary, digital photo application process.
  -- All New Dynasty Mode -- Build a powerhouse collegiate program over
     multiple seasons by recruiting freshman to replace graduating seniors.
     The quality of incoming freshman is determined by the success of the
     previous season.
  -- All New Career Mode -- By starting off as an assistant coach at a small
     school, gamers must work their way up to head coaching positions at
     major college basketball programs. Win/loss records determine which
     schools will give offers for assistant or head coaching positions.
  -- Brand New Commentary -- Eddie Doucette provides the play-by-play with
     color commentary from the illustrious Billy Packer.  Listen to all of
     the action in detail with insightful facts and entertaining
  -- New Motion Captured Moves -- Twenty-five dunks including one handed tip
     jams, reverse dunks and windmill slams. New passes include the no look
     pass and the behind-the-back dish. Former University of North Carolina
     All-American Joseph Forte was motion captured to deliver highly
     detailed shot, dunk and dribble animations.
  -- Intensely Competitive Gameplay -- The new back down button lets a
     player post up on a defender and fight for position in the paint. An
     improved Touch Shooting™ meter gives players total control of shot
     accuracy. Reconstructed Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the computer
     utilizing help defense against star players and using full court
     pressure to force turnovers to get back into the game. Live the

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates NCAA Final Four 2002 "E" for "Everyone." For more information about the ESRB visit

989 Sports is the sports software brand of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Known for its top-selling sports franchise titles such as NFL GameDay™, MLB™, NBA ShootOut, NHL FaceOff™, NCAA® Final Four® and NCAA® GameBreaker™, 989 Sports is committed to developing authentic and innovative sports games to appeal to both the professional athlete and hard-core sports videogame fan.

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