Post-Holiday Story / Interview Opportunity From Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment


  WHAT:    So, it's the day after Christmas, now what?  Millions will have
           unwrapped a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player or other
           digital device.  And far too many consumers will be left
           scratching their head trying to figure out how to unlock the
           CREATIVE potential held in these new gadgets.

           This year, there's a FREE service called Screenblast
           ( that offers an online "user manual" on how
           be creative with these devices, and showcase those creations for
           others to see.  It's like getting an all-access-granted pass to
           your very own MOVIE & MUSIC STUDIO.  From Sony Pictures Digital
           Entertainment, Screenblast opens the studio doors for the first
           time and moves the user into the oft-coveted director's chair.

           --  Named one of the Top 10 Best Sites of the Year by
               Entertainment Weekly

           --  Dec. 2001 Wired review says, "Sony's Portal Play is Worth The

  HOW:     You've just filmed your first independent short film (okay, so
           it's just the home video from your family's holiday festivities),
           or you want to record your now perfected guitar version of Auld
           Lang Syne.  At Screenblast, you can:
           --  Download the Screenblast Creation Suite of powerful creation
           --  Upload your creation
           --  Access studio-quality video scenes (e.g., aerial shots,
               action scenes, genre-specific effects)
           --  Add audio assets (e.g., music loops, sound effects),
           --  Store your creations in your private FREE online storage and
           --  Share your work with the world via your own Showcase Page

           Not only do users get step-by-step tutorials -- but professional
           tips and tricks of the trade (from the likes of Ang Lee and Seth
           Green).  The service and basic tools are FREE and easy to
           use -- users also can purchase the Deluxe version online at the
           special holiday price of $119.  Just logon to:

        Looking for a spokesperson for a year-end round-up/trends?

Senior executives from Screenblast/Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment (SPDE) are available for interview. As a leading content and device company, SPDE offers an important perspective on the business of online consumer entertainment. Relevant for any planned business story round-up.

Background: Built on the online entertainment innovations Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment has become known for, Screenblast uses a broadband-based creativity platform to deliver one of the first unique interactive entertainment environments for users to create and immerse themselves.

Contact: Liana Miller, eLuminate, 949.595.4320

PRNewswire -- Dec. 20

SOURCE: Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment