The Creators of the Music Videogame Genre Return With Parappa the Rapper® 2 Exclusively on PlayStation®2


Original Rap Star's Back in the House in an All-New Adventure From Acclaimed

Development Team

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Jan. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of Parappa the Rapper®2, a unique character-based music title available exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Produced and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, in association with legendary multimedia musician, Masaya Matsuura and famed New York artist, Rodney Greenblat, the sequel builds on the success of the original Parappa the Rapper, which was released for the PlayStation game console in 1997 and established the next generation music videogame genre.

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Inspired by the release of Parappa the Rapper, the social music genre has gained popularity over the last few years spawning a slew of similar titles that allow players to test their rhythm and coordination skills. In 1999, Masaya Matsurra and Rodney Greenblat teamed up again to develop Um Jammer Lammy™, a musical adventure starring rock sensation Lammy and her band MilkCan, for PlayStation. Now making his debut on PlayStation 2, the original rap star, Parappa, is joined by a cast of new characters -- plus familiar faces like rappin' Sensei, Chop Chop Master Onion and Lammy in a special guest appearance -- in his quest to foil the Evil Noodle Syndicate's plot to take over the world.

"We are delighted to bring the endearing gameplay of the original Parappa to life on PlayStation 2," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "The style and creativity of the first Parappa the Rapper attracted a loyal following and we're looking forward to extending the franchise for a new audience on our next generation platform."

Parappa the Rapper 2 combines highly stylized characters with hip music and a humorous storyline in a challenging test of rhythm, timing and coordination. Masaya Matsuura's head-bobbing music and lyrics accompany Parappa as he raps his way through eight levels using a "Simon Says-type" gameplay mechanic. Remaining true to the original concept, players must hit controller buttons to remain in sync with Parappa's actions and lyrics. Incorrect timing results in the status meter moving from "good" to "bad" to "awful" in addition to noticeable changes in the music and graphics reflecting the player's performance. A practice mode, allowing players to hone their skills without being penalized for inaccurate timing, is available before each round.

Increasing the social appeal of the game and adding to the replay value, Parappa the Rapper 2 features a new "Versus" mode, allowing players to compete against friends and family in a heightened challenging environment. Three modes of gameplay are available in all: single player, player versus player and player versus computer, for beginning or expert gamers and music lovers alike.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Parappa the Rapper 2 "E" for Everyone. For more information about the ESRB visit

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