The Union Underground to Perform Special One-Hour Set in New York City On Monday, March 25 to Celebrate the Release of 'WWF Forceable Entry'


     The Union Underground Performance Set for 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    Prior to WWF Raw™ Simulcast at WWF's The World at 1501 Broadway
                             (At 43rd Street)

   'WWF Forceable Entry' Compilation Album in Stores Tuesday, March 26

NEW YORK, March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The Union Underground, whose head-slamming track "Across The Nation" has been chosen as the theme song for the WWF's RAW™ bouts, will perform an in-your-face one-hour set from 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at WWF's The World (1501 Broadway at 43rd Street, New York City) as a lead-in to that night's RAW™ simulcast from Penn State. The Union Underground's performance, the group's first in NYC since last year's OzzFest blow-out, comes on the eve of the release of the hotly-anticipated "WWW Forceable Entry" album on SmackDown! Records™/Columbia Records on Tuesday, March 26.

Featuring "Across The Nation" and 17 other brain-drilling tracks, "WWF Forceable Entry" is a collection of the World Wrestling Foundation®'s Superstars' most popular themes performed by a Who's Who of contemporary aggro-rock. Music plays an integral part in the global World Wrestling Federation® phenomenon and "WWF Forceable Entry" brings together the sounds of the greatest World Wrestling Federation® themes performed by the hottest acts in rock. The tracks on "WWF Forceable Entry" will be integrated into all World Wrestling Federation® programming. The WWF will premiere "Across The Nation" as its official RAW™ theme on "Monday Night RAW™," the highest rated show on TNN, on April 1.

The Union Underground will have a live EP in stores on June 11. The "mini-album" will include:

   1. education in rebellion (intro) -- Mile High, Denver, CO,
      July 2001
   2. South Texas Deathride -- Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001
   3. Turn Me on "Mr. Deadman" -- Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001
   4. Killing The Fly -- Mile High, Denver, CO, July 2001
   5. Revolution Man -- Sunken Gardens Arena, San Antonio, TX, April 2001

The group is involved in an anti-drug PSA campaign with spots scheduled to run nationally in the beginning of April.

The Union Underground was formed in San Antonio, Texas in 1996. Guitarist Patrick Kennison and vocalist/guitarist Bryan Scott met in junior high school and, upon graduating high school, opted against entering college, instead investing their money in a 24-track studio. Working solely in the studio, the two musicians released their songs on free handout cassettes, eventually selling more than 5,000 copies of an EP showcasing their harsh industrial rock and attracting the attention of major labels. Drummer Josh Memelo joined at the end of 1998, and bassist John Moyer followed soon after they signed a deal with Portrait (a subsidiary of Columbia Records). Unlike many of their contemporaries who signed with an indie label and worked their way up to one of the larger record companies, the Union Underground took a different approach; vocalist Scott explains that "we just didn't want to do the indie thing, because it wouldn't have done us any justice."

In 2000, the band released their major label debut "An Education In Rebellion", which Brian Stillman in the January 2001 issue of Guitar World proclaimed: "Loud, abrasive and completely rock and roll ... harder-than-hell production chops found in today's best heavy metal.... " The Union Underground headlined shows in America's clublands after a successful run on the SnoCore Rock and supporting Marilyn Manson in the fall of 2000. Lina Lecaro of the Los Angeles Times (January 22, 2001) raved about the band's live show and said " ... the Texas band proved to be as visual as they were aural, even if the Palladium's bass-heavy sound didn't do much to show off their grooves ... the band has the material and the grand stage presence to make them the next heavy hitters." The group's ever-growing fan base obviously agrees: "An Education In Rebellion" has sold more than 350,000 copies in the U.S. alone. The Union Underground is currently working on the eagerly awaited full-length studio successor to "An Education In Rebellion".


SOURCE: Columbia Records

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