Sony Online Entertainment Announces EverQuest®: The Planes of Power™

- EverQuest Players Will Soon Be Able to Access The Most Powerful Deities in All of Norrath -


Sony Online Entertainment Inc., announced today that they are developing EverQuest®: The Planes of Power™, the next installment in the best-selling, critically acclaimed EverQuest series. The new expansion pack will introduce more than 420,000 current EverQuest gamers to an arching storyline that takes players on an epic adventure through the Planes of Power, home of the Gods of Norrath. Hundreds of new items, quests and encounters will keep even the most revered players challenged and enthralled.

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"As the fourth expansion in the EverQuest series, The Planes of Power delivers the unparalleled excitement and challenge that players have come to expect from the world's leading massively multiplayer role-playing game," said Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. "We're thrilled to offer our fans this compelling new addition."

In The Planes of Power, a portal has been unveiled and now travelers can experience a world unlike anything they have ever seen. Players can share in the knowledge of this extraordinary discovery as they fight to bring justice to Norrath. Veteran players will face new challenges in each of the 18 newly discovered planes while new players will benefit from the Plane of Knowledge that hosts scores of new and challenging quests and open portals to Norrath making travel faster and easier than ever. Players will fiercely battle the minions of Rallos Zek in the Plane of War, join arms with Karana to regain control of the Plane of Storms, and overcome vile pestilence in the Plane of Disease.

   EverQuest: The Planes of Power Features List:

   -- 18 new planer zones that push teamwork abilities to the limit
   -- Hundreds of new items and monsters
   -- Exciting new quests and challenges await even the most experienced
   -- Two planar cities that provide a hub for travel and player interaction
   -- A central storyline links the content from every zone into one
      compelling quest
   -- Allows characters to gain even more power

EverQuest: The Planes of Power is due to ship this fall. For more information please visit the official Planes of Power Website at .

Continuing to grow with top-selling expansions The Ruins of Kunark™, The Scars of Velious™ and The Shadows of Luclin™, EverQuest proves to be the largest fantasy world ever created online. During peak periods, more than 98,000 adventurers and dragon slayers have explored the world of Norrath simultaneously. The active global EverQuest subscriber base is comprised of players from various countries throughout the "real" world, including the U.S., England, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Australia.

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