Sony Online Entertainment Announces EverQuest® II

- SOE Debuts Sequel to World's Most Successful Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game -


Continuing on the success of the original EverQuest® and in line with its tradition of consistently providing new and exciting content, Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, today announced it is developing EverQuest® II. Scheduled to launch in Winter 2003, EverQuest II adds significant improvements over the first, widely popular, iteration. EverQuest II uses a completely new, cutting-edge 3D engine developed in-house with a host of technological features allowing the development team to generate an unparalleled visually stunning 3D world. Other features include the ability to own real estate, ride horses, command ships, and experience all-new enhanced spells, quests and events. EverQuest II returns to the culturally diverse world of Norrath in the future of the original EverQuest, with the sheer size and graphical detail greater than ever seen before.

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"It's no secret that we have seen phenomenal success with EverQuest," said John Smedley, senior vice president and COO, Sony Online Entertainment. "With these improvements to an already great game, we are not only investing in our growing online community, but also pushing the boundaries of what the next generation of role-playing games aspire to be. EverQuest II is the successful embodiment of better technology, player feedback and our desire to build an online global community."

Larger in scope than its predecessor, EverQuest II will be able to host hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users from all over the world. And, due to increased localization features including real-time translation in English, French, German, Japanese and Korean, as well as localized servers in select countries, players from every corner of the earth will be able to explore familiar areas and new, undiscovered territories of Norrath. With innovative in-game creatures, weapons and items EverQuest II promises something new for all subscribers.

"EverQuest II is truly an amazing experience," said Andrew Sites, producer, Sony Online Entertainment. "The vastness of the world, the increasingly deep storyline and the continuity of the online community make EverQuest II an unparalleled game."

  Key features and improvements include:

  -- A brand new 3D engine which takes full advantage of a wide variety of
     recent technological advances in 3D hardware/software such as per pixel
     lighting, dynamic environment mapping, and a fully programmable surface
     shader system
  -- More intuitive gameplay features appeal to both new and seasoned
  -- New branching class structure that players define as they advance
     through the game
  -- Vast world of Norrath revisits familiar locations and introduces a
     variety of newly discovered areas in the Age of Destiny, a time period
     in the future of the original EverQuest.
  -- Increased character customization capabilities allow players to
     customize characters' faces, hair, and body types to create truly
     unique avatars
  -- Deeper character development offering pacing options that cater to game
     players new to the role-playing genre as well as experienced role-
  -- Non-confrontational means of character advancement that including a
     completely new tradesman character class
  -- Rideable mounts and vehicles to own and control, including horses and
     boats, make traversing the massive world of Norrath faster than before
  -- Norrathian real estate for players to call their own
  -- All-new tradeskill/crafting system
  -- Completely new and tactically rich combat, spell and skill systems
  -- A completely revised and enhanced quest system
  -- Dynamic world environment shaped by player events

EverQuest II is due to ship Winter 2003. For more information please visit .

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