Critically Acclaimed Artists The Angel and Mystic To Perform in The Sony Style Store @ Metreon



  WHAT:   On Saturday, June 15, Screenblast will host a special LIVE
          performance in the Sony Style store @ Metreon.  Innovative female
          producer, remixer and composer The Angel will take the Sony Style
          stage to DJ, spinning exclusive remixes and tracks from her album,
          "No Gravity."  Grammy and B.E.T. award nominee Mystic will join
          her in this rare, intimate performance.

  WHEN:   Saturday, June 15.  **Performance begins at 3 p.m.**

  WHERE:  Sony Style at Metreon
          101 4th Street, San Francisco (Cross Streets:  4th and Mission)

  --  The Angel:  Renowned for pioneering a sound that is both urban and
      electronic, The Angel has charted unparalleled ground as a woman in a
      male-dominated industry blending her skills as a producer, film
      composer, programmer, remixer, and DJ.  The scope of her work includes
      film scoring for "Boiler Room" and "Gridlock'd" as well as producing
      and cultivating artists such as Mystic, Navigator (of The Freestylers)
      and Tre Hardson (of The Pharcyde) to name just a few.  She, herself,
      cannot be defined.
  --  Mystic: An artist's work is usually as interesting as their own lives.
      That's why some of our best artists are those who have experienced the
      most.  Mystic demonstrates that type of artistic depth as she draws
      from her own far-reaching experience on her dynamic debut album, "Cuts
      for Luck and Scars for Freedom."  On the album's 16 songs, the
      California performer raps, sings and delivers spoken word poetry over
      an addictive assembly of eclectic beats.


  --  At 2 p.m., meet the critically acclaimed "The Angel."
      Prior to her performance, The Angel will preview her latest
      collaboration with Screenblast - Digital Soundclash
      (, a powerful, interactive digital music
      production studio for computers and digital devices.  She'll
      demonstrate how easy and accessible it is for virtually anyone to make
      music -- or a soundtrack for his or her own home movie.
  --  The Angel also will be available prior to and just following her
      performance to talk about the digital music revolution and
      technology's impact on creativity.
      In collaborating on Digital Soundclash, The Angel has said, "Since I
      first started making music, technology has been an enabler for my
      artistic expression.  Today the computer serves as the new digital
      recording environment, making it accessible for anyone interested in
      music to immerse themselves in the creative experience.  I wanted
      music lovers of all levels to have a place to create, swap loops,
      collaborate, try different things -- and find their voice."

BACKGROUND: Screenblast ( ) is a service for creating, enhancing and sharing your digital media. Digital Soundclash gives aspiring artists and music enthusiasts access to the tools/software, inspiration and know-how, as well as new original music loops and remixes from The Angel for their own creations. Users can also remix the song "Make It Betta" featuring Tre Hardson from The Angel's album, "No Gravity" with the Music Creator.

The Angel's appearance is hosted by Screenblast, Sony Style and Intel Corporation as part of a series of free seminars on how to unleash the power of digital camcorders, cameras and IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 processor-based VAIO PCs to easily create digital movies and musical works of art. Admission to the day's festivities is FREE.

  EVENT CONTACT:  For event information, call 415.369.6050
  MEDIA CONTACT:  Liana Miller, eLuminate, 949.595.4320
                  On-site, day of event media contact:  714.423.4394


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