The Ricki Lake Show Begins 10th Season With Fresh Direction, New Producers, New Look

Ricki Lake Becomes Supervising Producer


Show Counts Down to Season 10 Premiere With Favorite Shows Voted on by Fans

NEW YORK, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 16, 2002, the successful, award-winning syndicated series Ricki Lake launches its 10th season with a number of new initiatives as it builds on its rich history of engaging and entertaining talk. The new direction includes more diverse topics which reflect the growing interests of Lake and her audience, new elements including segments taped on the streets of New York and visits to guests' homes, and a new set. Personally involved in all of these changes, Lake steps up her responsibility this year, taking on the role of supervising producer.

Ricki Lake will examine topics this season from a more experienced perspective to accommodate the audience's constantly widening areas of interest while at the same time continue to produce compelling, edgy shows with the surprising elements that are a staple of the series. "Along with many of my viewers, I've entered into a new chapter of my life, and together we are facing new issues," commented Lake. "I want the show to grow and reflect these changes, and I am confident we will be able to confront issues and topics in a different, interesting manner.

"I want women to feel like they have a place to go for one hour each day where they know they'll get information about the things that matter most to them from relationships and sex, to women overcoming obstacles, to addressing what is in the news at the time and how it relates to us," added Lake.

Under Lake's guidance, viewers will enjoy new components such as man-on- the-street segments and branded episodes during which the series takes an insider's look at edgy subjects that many consider taboo. Topics will range from the serious -- adult discussions with victims of violent crimes speaking out to help other women who may be afraid to come forward -- to the light- hearted -- such as a look back at Ricki's life as she visits her hometown for the first time in over a decade, and invites some old friends from her "Hairspray" days for a visit on the set.

"One of the things I am looking forward to is taking the show out on the streets of New York, and really interacting with everyday people and getting their opinions on topics from sex to dating to weight ... whatever seems to be on their mind," continued Lake. "I also plan to visit guests at home and really open up the show allowing me to have a more personal interaction with our guests unlike anything we have ever done before, and I am really excited about the possibilities."

Ricki Lake will also have branded episodes such as "Ricki Investigates," which in one episode will explore deadly diet trends including the popular weight-loss supplement Ephedra. Other branded episodes include installments of "Exposed" which takes an insider's look at edgy subjects that many consider taboo. All of the branded episodes will be produced in an in depth manner with a sensitive approach that explores these topics from all points of view.

In addition to the show content, loyal viewers will also notice a new set and new graphics.

Executive producer Michael Rourke heads the new production team. "This season presents unique and innovative opportunities for the entire production team," says Rourke. "The series' past success is based on Ricki herself, so it only makes sense to re-focus the show to reflect more of her concerns and ideas. Ricki is the only thirty-three-year-old woman in daytime television that is addressing the issues that affect her generation. Her natural curiosity, concern for women's issues, earnest compassion for those with whom she comes in contact and sharp sense of humor are all part of what has drawn and will continue to draw a loyal audience during the past and next decade of this series."

Assisting Rourke with the new direction of the series includes daytime syndication veteran Michelle Mazur as co-executive producer, and Rosie O'Donnell alums Mimi Pizzi as Ricki's Supervising Senior Producer and Liza Persky as Entertainment Producer.

Leading into the debut of Season 10 will be two weeks of Ricki's top episodes from the first nine seasons, as voted on by Ricki's fans at . "We wanted to enter out tenth season with a look back at some of our most memorable moments from the first nine years," said Lake. "And what better way to do that than to let our loyal fans choose what episodes we will show." Beginning Tuesday, September 3, fans will enjoy a two-week look back at the top episodes, with a special introduction each day by Ricki.

In 1993, Ricki Lake made history as the fresh-faced 24-year-old who dazzled daytime viewers as the host of the first-ever talk show aimed at a young audience. Ricki's compassion and infectious personality enabled her to address the tough topics of her generation and established her as one of the most beloved television personalities of the era. It was television's first- ever daily talk show designed to reach younger viewers, and since she began, more than 50 talk shows have tried to emulate her success to no avail. Over the past two years, the series has worked to educate viewers -- teens and parents -- about the realities of teenage pregnancy, and the show's efforts at preventing teenage pregnancy have been honored two years in a row with the prestigious Gracie Allen Award for public service.

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