Sony Shifts Digital Imaging Into High Gear With Its New Five-Megapixel Cyber-Shot Digital Camera

Model Offers Rotating Zoom Control Ring, Live Histogram And Five-Area Focusing System


If command and control over light and exposure are the hallmarks of a professional-level photograph, then Sony's new Cyber-shot DSC-F717 digital still camera, unveiled today, is the ultimate camera for professional-level digital picture-taking.

"The Cyber-shot DSC-F717 camera offers the best of both worlds: the superb technology people expect from Sony and the pure fun of a product that allows for unlimited creativity," said Steve Haber, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Digital Imaging Product Division. "And, with an expected selling price of $1,000, we know this model bridges the traditionally wide gap between mass market cameras and semi-professional models."

This new Cyber-shot model combines point-and-shoot convenience with a host of manual photographic controls, sure to inspire digital photographers to expand creativity and get better results from their efforts. Armed with high- quality Carl Zeiss™ optics, ISO sensitivities of 100/200/400/800 and shutter speeds of up to 1/2000 second in auto mode, the DSC-F717 produces stellar results, even in the most demanding of shooting situations.

Additionally, Sony's DSC-F717 offers a fast start time -- just over 1 second to power-up the camera -- as well as remarkably rapid capture and processing times.

Unprecedented Functionality

Sony has opened a whole new world of functionality with the DSC-F717's new features and controls. Its new five-area multi-point focusing system enables photographers to focus left, center, right, up or down of their framed shot, providing more accuracy when focusing on the subject. The camera has a live histogram display, accessible both in capture and playback modes, helping to ensure more accurate exposure. Additionally, the camera's multi-burst mode can snap up to 16 frames at 320 x 240 resolution that adds up to a single 1280 x 960 image -- perfect for capturing every detail of subjects in motion, like a golf swing or high dive.

For better organization and easier access to image files, the DSC-F717 features a file folder option that allows photographers to create and select specific folders for customized photo-indexing. Lastly, when using the camera's zoom capabilities, the DSC-F717 has a new rotating zoom-control ring, for more intuitive precision handling, offering the photographer an alternative to the camera's standard toggle switch.

                          Features and Controls
  --  Resolution - Sony's 5.02-megapixel effective CCD image sensor (5.24 MP
      gross) provides the Cyber-shot DSC-F717 camera with a maximum image
      size of 2560 x 1920, ensuring high-quality results with clear,
      vibrant, true-to-life color.
  --  Optics - To catch high-resolution images from afar, the camera has a
      pivoting Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 5X optical zoom lens with
      F2.0 aperture, giving it extraordinary light gathering capability.
  --  Two LCDs - Photographers can compose shots with either the 1.8-inch
      LCD screen or a through-the-lens electronic viewfinder they can hold
      up to their eye.
  --  USB Connectivity - Sony's DSC-F717 is the first Sony digital still
      camera to offer high-speed camera-to-compatible-computer transfer via
      USB 2.0, as well as USB 1.0.

  --  Hologram AF™ - Ideal for photographing a smooth beach on a moonless
      night, the Hologram AF feature is a Sony-exclusive laser focusing
      system designed to achieve accurate focus on subjects with little
      contrast in dark conditions.  It projects a safe, visible laser
      hologram pattern directly onto the subject so the camera can detect
      the contrast between the edge of the laser pattern and the subject

                             Special Features
  --  NightShot® - Taking pictures in low- and no-light situations is
      easier than ever with Sony's NightShot feature.  With the flip of a
      switch, the infrared NightShot mode is activated, which defeats the
      flash and an infrared picture is captured with no visible light at
      all.  NightShot mode makes it possible to take pictures or MPEG movies
      of sleeping children and nocturnal wildlife in a way that is
      impossible with all other digital still cameras.
  --  NightFraming - In order to compose pictures in a dimly lit restaurant
      or other settings with challenging light, NightFraming, another Sony
      exclusive feature, integrates NightShot technology, Hologram AF laser
      focusing system and TTL pre-flash metering.  This seamless system
      enables the photographer to properly frame the subject, attain
      accurate focus and achieve correct flash exposure for consistently
      excellent flash shots.

  --  Multi-Pattern Metering - In addition to spot metering and
      center-weighted averaging, the DSC-F717 also offers multi-pattern
      metering.  To get accurate exposure in uneven lighting, the
      multi-pattern metering option divides the scene into a matrix of
      separate cells.
  --  Each cell can be metered independently to accurately calculate
      exposure when highlights and shadows exist outside the center of the
  --  Pre-flash Metering - To get the best shots with the flash, the
      DSC-F717 incorporates Sony's advanced pre-flash metering system, which
      actually measures the light from the flash as it passes through the
      lens to calculate correct exposure.  At the time of exposure, the
      flash fires twice:  once to illuminate the subject and calculate
      correct exposure, then a second time to record the image with the best
      exposure possible.

Sony's new Cyber-shot DSC-F717 camera captures the moment in a variety of still image formats including JPEG and TIFF. It also has MPEG-HQX video recording capability with full frame playback, up to the limit of the memory card. The camera ships with a 32MB Memory Stick® media, an InfoLithium® M battery, an AC adapter/in-camera charger, an A/V output cable, a USB cable, a shoulder strap and a lens cap.

The Cyber-shot DSC-F717 will be available in October for about $1,000.

For further information, please contact: Cozette Phifer of Sony Electronics, +1-858-942-7851,; or Nicole Perez of Burson-Marsteller, +1-858-646-3087,, for Sony Electronics.


SOURCE: Sony Electronics

CONTACT: Cozette Phifer of Sony Electronics, +1-858-942-7851,; or Nicole Perez of Burson-Marsteller,
+1-858-646-3087,, for Sony Electronics

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