Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures Has Awarded Kurt Matthew Edelhauser As the Winner in the 'Stealing Harvard' Cash for College Contest


Kurt Matthew Edelhauser won the grand prize of $29,879 to help pay for his college tuition through a unique promotion sponsored by Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures as part of their upcoming September 13th launch of the back-to-school comedy "Stealing Harvard."

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Tying into the film's plot line, students entered the "Stealing Harvard" Cash for College Contest to win $29,879, the exact amount referenced in the movie. To win, individuals needed to send in a videotape on which they creatively describe the details of a promise they have made but could not keep. SCC, an independent judging organization and the contest administrator, reviewed the entries, selected, and awarded the grand prize of $29,879 to Edelhauser, to use towards his tuition. The "Stealing Harvard" Cash for College contest was heavily promoted on Comedy Central.

Edelhauser was awarded the grand prize for the promise he made to his roommate. One afternoon, Edelhauser had decided to go to the mini-mart down the street. On his way out, his roommate asked him to buy him a lottery ticket. His roommate played the same numbers every week, so Edelhauser got the numbers and the money and went to the store. As he looked around the store, he noticed all the other items he could buy with the money his roommate had given him, and he thought to himself, "his roommate is never going to win the lottery anyways!" So, he bought candy, chips, beer, and other items, but never ended up getting the ticket. As the winning numbers were read, they matched up exactly to the ones that the roommate had given him to play. Unfortunately, he hadn't bought the ticket.

Edelhauser is currently attending Cal State Fullerton where he is majoring in Radio, TV, and Film. He hosts a local radio show on the campus station. His goal is to write or perform on Saturday Night Live, and to write, perform, or produce comedy films. He is expecting to graduate in 2004. Edelhauser was born in Newport Beach, CA. on November 28, 1979.

"Stealing Harvard" is set against the backdrop of Harvard, America's most prestigious university and home to the world's greatest minds. It's a place where some trailer park families -- like John's (Jason Lee) -- could never afford to go. But now, John's niece has the chance of a lifetime, and all she needs is the tuition that he had promised to pay if she got into a good college ... $29,879 ... which he doesn't have. When John turns to his clueless friend Duff (Tom Green) for help, they wind up doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

"Stealing Harvard" also stars Leslie Mann, Megan Mullally, Dennis Farina, Richard Jenkins, John C. McGinley, and Chris Penn. It was written by Peter Tolan, directed by Bruce McCulloch, and produced by Susan Cavan. The film has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA for crude and sexual humor, language, and drug references. It will open nationwide on September 13, 2002.

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Revolution Studios was formed by Joe Roth in May 2000 to independently produce and finance films in partnership with Sony Pictures, Starz Encore Group and Fox Entertainment Group.

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