Sony 21-Inch FD Trinitron Display Anchors New Artisan Color Reference System Delivering Stable, Accurate and Repeatable Color Every Time


One of the most critical members on your design team just got more intelligent, affordable and mistake-free. Sony's new Artisan™ Color Reference System (CRS), a three-part tool including a display, sensor and calibration software, is engineered to deliver stable, accurate and repeatable color results for design applications.

Graphics professionals, photographers and engineers who demand precise visual references and desire increased productivity will appreciate the Artisan CRS' contribution to the bottom line. The Artisan CRS' ability to control color consistency minimizes the need for in-person approvals making it a cost-effective brand integrity watchdog.

"Creative professionals regularly conduct business remotely over the Internet, and unless displays are precisely calibrated at all steps of the design process, no one can be sure that they are viewing the image the same at every location," said Stan Glasgow, Sony Electronics' vice president of display marketing. "The Artisan CRS was created by a Sony team obsessed with providing the highest color consistency and accuracy available at the lowest cost in its class -- and they succeeded."

Everything You Need in One Package

The Artisan CRS includes a 21-inch (19.8-inch viewable) Sony GDM-C520K display, display hood, USB color sensor and software. The display has FD Trinitron® and aperture grille technologies, making it visually flat and precisely tuned for non-distorted, glare-free images. An attachable display hood helps to control unwanted glare. Sony's color sensor, a puck-sized device physically applied to the display, works in conjunction with Sony's software to read and communicate the color spectrum to the displayed image. The display, sensor and software work together as an extended member of your team to ensure seamless color consistency.

The Three C's: Color, Consistency and Calibration

The Artisan CRS adjusts bias and gain to achieve accurate color and perfectly neutral grays. Taking the level of precision a step higher, the filters of the display's color sensor are factory-calibrated ensuring accurately communicated data. As work styles demand, users can quickly toggle between different industry color spaces including RGB-D50 (professional printers), RGB-65 (consumer and digital photography) and SRGB-D65 (Web publishing).

After consistent color is mastered, consistency becomes critical. The Artisan CRS accomplishes this through a constant contrast ratio by anchoring white and black. Controlling contrast and brightness -- which can be difficult and tedious to do manually -- is entirely automated. Further, built-in controls for ambient light conditions ensure that only the ideal amount of light affects viewer's perception of color.

Once color and consistency are in check, calibration and profiling work to keep color representation homogenous on a daily basis. The Artisan CRS' easy- to-use one-touch color system software always calibrates to an absolute specification. Each time the user calibrates he or she can be assured the system has maintained the same degree of accuracy for setting white and black luminance -- no guess work, no confirmation phone calls or files on disk in the mail for the project director's approval.

                         Pricing and Availability
  The Artisan CRS will be available this month for about $1,800.

For further information, please contact: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Eric Montgomery of Burson-Marsteller, +1-858-646-3078,, for Sony Electronics Inc.


SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

CONTACT: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Eric Montgomery of Burson-Marsteller,
+1-858-646-3078,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

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