'Ricki Lake' Resuscitates Anna Nicole Smith's Love Life

MTV's 'Real World/Road Rules' Eric Nies Delivers the Date of the Decade Courtesy of 'Ricki'


"Ricki Lake" plays matchmaker to the stars on Friday, September 27, when the series sets up reality television's newest superstar Anna Nicole Smith. Anna Nicole, who has not been shy about the difficulties she's encountered in her efforts to find "Mr. Right," agreed to let "Ricki Lake" find her a well-matched man. It wasn't long before MTV veteran Eric Nies was on the radar and in "Ricki Lake's" studio ready, willing and able to provide ample companionship for the date. But, Anna Nicole is not alone on this mission to find a soul mate and "Ricki Lake" is up to the challenge. Anna's co-stars of VH1's "The Anna Nicole Show" and her real-life lawyer, Howard, and personal assistant, Kimmy, are also sublimely single and ready to mingle and "Ricki Lake" has a trick or two up its sleeve for them including a pretty Playboy playmate. All of the triple dating action is caught on tape as "Ricki Lake's" roving cameras tag along.

Are Friday's dates matches made in heaven? "Ricki Lake" gets the answers with a post-date in-studio rap-up -- from the mouths of the daters -- some of which are surprising.

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SOURCE: Sony Pictures Television

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