New VAIO Desktops Give the Gift of Lasting Memories

Sony PCs With One-Click DVD Burning Software Easily Convert Home Video to DVD


You can share your favorite memories this holiday season without the hassle of cables, tapes or a slideshow carousel by sending a gift-wrapped personal DVD to friends and family. New VAIO® desktop PCs with Sony's original Click to DVD™ software allows you to easily take analog or digital content, as well as digital photos, and burn them directly to a DVD.

The new PCV-RZ16G, PCV-RZ14G and PCV-RX860 desktop models all feature high-powered processors, rewritable DVD drives and the Click to DVD software -- a one-click DVD burning application.

"One out of every four American households have a DVD player connected to their TV and even more have camcorders," said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager of VAIO PC marketing for Sony Electronics. "With Click to DVD, we've bridged the gap between these devices, making it very easy to create your own professional looking DVD."

RZ Digital Studio PC

Marking Sony's most powerful line of desktop PCs ever offered is the VAIO Digital Studio™ RZ series, the first two models, the PCV-RZ16G and PCV-RZ14G, don a sophisticated look with curved speakers. These two models have the most processing power of any VAIO computer with Intel® Pentium® 4 processors and include 120 GB hard drives that can house loads of music, video and photo content.

Also on the new VAIO desktops is Sony's Giga Pocket™ personal video recording application, which lets you watch live TV, record shows onto the hard drive for viewing at a later time, and plan future recording with an Internet TV programming guide. This feature also enables simultaneous live television viewing and video recording on the PC.

Another feature of the Giga Pocket application is the ability to use the built-in analog video input, which makes the transfer of tape to DVD from 8mm or VHS camcorders easy. Stacks of VHS tapes can now be compressed and cataloged, preserving memories for years while using only a fraction of the storage space.

The PCV-RZ16G model, priced at about $2,000, includes a rewritable DVD drive and a DVD-ROM drive, and is packed with 1GB of PC-2100 DDR RAM (expandable to 1.5 GB). Its sister PCV-RZ14G model, priced at about $1,700, includes a DVD-RW and a CD-ROM drive, and 512 MB PC-2100 DDR RAM (expandable to 1.5 GB). Both models have nVidia® GeForce4™ MX 440 64 MB graphics cards for terrific gaming and superb color output.

Classic RX Digital Studio PC -- Specifications

The PCV-RX860 model is a practical entry into the world of DVD burning. Priced at about $1,300, this model includes an Intel Pentium 4 processor, a rewritable DVD drive and a CD-ROM drive. An 80GB hard drive and 512MB of PC-2100 DDR RAM (expandable to 1.5GB) provide all the power necessary to store images, music and video content.

Across the Board Functionality

All of the new desktop models have six USB 2.0 ports and two i.LINK® IEEE 1394 digital interface ports to make connecting printers, music players, displays and handheld computers a snap. They also all have a Memory Stick® media slot for sharing pictures, music, documents and other digital data with more than 300 compatible electronic devices from various manufacturers.

The PCV-RZ14G, PCV-RZ16G and PCV-RX860 VAIO desktop PCs will all be available this month.

              Key Specifications, VAIO Desktop Series Fall 2002:

                PCV-RX860           PCV-RZ14G         PCV-RZ16G

   Processor    Intel®            Intel®          Intel®
                Pentium® 4        Pentium® 4      Pentium® 4
                Processor           Processor         Processor
                2.40B GHz(i)        2.53GHz           2.66 GHz

   Memory       512 KB(ii)          512KB             512 KB
                Integrated          Integrated        Integrated
                On-Die              On-Die            On-Die
                Level 2             Level 2           Level 2

   System       Microsoft®        Microsoft®      Microsoft®
                Windows® XP       Windows® XP     Windows® XP
                Home Edition        Home Edition      Home Edition

   Software     Click to DVD™    Click to DVD™  Click to DVD™
                PictureGear         PictureGear       PictureGear
                 Studio™          Studio™        Studio™
                DVgate™          Dvgate™        Dvgate™
                SonicStage™      SonicStage™    SonicStage™
                 for VAIO® PC      for VAIO® PC    for VAIO® PC
                MovieShaker™     MovieShaker™   MovieShaker™
                Network Smart       Network Smart     Network Smart
                 Capture             Capture           Capture
                VAIO Media™      VAIO Media™    VAIO Media™

   Applications Adobe®            Adobe®          Adobe®
                 Premiere® LE      Premiere® LE    Premiere® LE
                Corel               Corel             Corel
                 WordPerfect®      WordPerfect®    WordPerfect®
                Office 2002         Office 2002       Office 2002
                Wordperfect®      Wordperfect®    Wordperfect®
                Quattro Pro®      Quattro Pro®    Quattro Pro®
                Corel®            Corel®          Corel®
                 Presentations™  Presentations™  Presentations™
                CorelCENTRAL™    CorelCENTRAL™  CorelCENTRAL™
                Intuit              Intuit            Intuit
                 Quicken®          Quicken®        Quicken®
                 2002(iii)           2002              2002
                Adobe®            Adobe®          Adobe®
                 Photoshop®        Photoshop®      Photoshop®
                 Elements            Elements          Elements
                Veritas®          Veritas®        Veritas®
                 RecordNow™ DX    RecordNow™ DX  RecordNow™DX
                Adobe®            Adobe®          Adobe®
                 Acrobat®          Acrobat®       Acrobat®
                 Reader®           Reader®        Reader®
                Apple               Apple             Apple
                 QuickTime®        QuickTime®      QuickTime®
                Microsoft®        Microsoft®      Microsoft®
                 Outlook®          Outlook®        Outlook®
                 Express             Express           Express
                RealNetworks®     RealNetworks®   RealNetworks®
                 RealOne™         RealOne™       RealOne™
                 Player              Player            Player

   RAM          512MB PC-2100 DDR   512MB PC-2100 DDR 1GB PC-2100 DDR
                 (expandable to     (expandable to    (expandable to
                  1.5GB)             1.5 GB)           1.5GB)

   Hard Drive   80GB Ultra ATA/     120GB 7200rpm     120GB 7200rpm
                100 Hard Drive      Ultra ATA/100     Ultra ATA/100
                                    Hard Drive        Hard Drive

   Floppy Disk
   Drive        3.5" 1.44 MB        3.5" 1.44MB       3.5" 1.44 MB

                PCV-RX860           PCV-RZ14G         PCV-RZ16G

   Drives       DVD-RW (2X1X4X)     DVD-RW (2X1X4X)   DVD-RW (2X1X4X)
                CD-RW (8X4X24X)     CD-RW (8X4X24X)   CD-RW (8X4X24X)
                CD-ROM 40X max.     CD-ROM 40X max.   DVD-ROM 16X max.
                                                      Read/40X max.
                                                      CD-ROM Read

   Video &
   Graphics     SIS651 Integrated   4X AGP 3D         4X AGP 3D
                 Graphics with       Graphics          Graphics
                 Real256™         Hardware          Hardware
                 2D/3D Graphics      Acceleration      Acceleration
                 Accelerator         (nVIDIA®        (nVIDIA®
                32MB Shared          GeForce4™      GeForce4™
                 Graphics Memory     MX 440)           MX 440)
                 (64MB Max.)        64MB Video        64MB Video
                                     Memory            Memory
                                     (128-bit DDR)     (128-bit DDR)
                                    MPEG2 Realtime    MPEG2 Realtime
                                    Encoder/Decoder   Encoder/Decoder
                                     board with        board with
                                     TV Tuner          TV Tuner

  Modem         V.90 compatible     V.90 compatible   V.90 compatible
                 data/fax modem      data/fax modem    data/fax modem

  Ethernet      10Base-T/           10Base-T/         10Base-T/
                 100Base-TX          100Base-TX        100Base-TX
                 Fast Ethernet      Fast Ethernet     Fast Ethernet

  Ports         Six USB 2.0         Six USB 2.0       Six USB 2.0
                i.LINK®           i.LINK®         i.LINK®
                 (IEEE 1394) (2)     (IEEE 1394) (2)   (IEEE 1394) (2)

  (CPU)         8.0" (W)            8.0" (W)          8.0" (W)
                14.2" (H)           14.2" (H)         14.2" (H)
                14.6" (D)           14.6" (D)         14.6" (D)

  Availability  October             October           October

  ESP           About $1,300        About $1,700      About $2,000

  (i)    GHz denotes microprocessor internal clock speed; other factors may
         affect application performance.
  (ii)   GB means one billion bytes when referring to Hard Rive capacity.
         Accessible capacity may vary.
  (iii)  Previous Quicken users may require additional upgrade.

For further information, please contact John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Yona Kweskin of Burson- Marsteller, +1-858-646-3026,, for Sony Electronics Inc.


SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

CONTACT: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Yona Kweskin of Burson-Marsteller, +1-858-646-3026,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

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