Sony Online Entertainment Ships EverQuest®: The Planes of Power™

- EverQuest Players to Meet the Gods of Norrath and Attain An 'Other-worldly' Experience in the Planes -


Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, announced today that EverQuest®: The Planes of Power™ will be available in retail stores tomorrow. The Planes of Power introduces high-level EverQuest gamers to an arching storyline and takes players on an adventure of epic proportions with hundreds of powerful new weapons, spells and creatures, 20 action-packed zones and an increased level cap maximum to 65 allowing players to become more powerful than ever before.

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"EverQuest fans have been waiting for an expansion that reveals more of the lore and history of Norrath," said Scott McDaniel, vice president of marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. "The development team has worked hard to deliver an expansion pack that is incredibly rich in content and rewards our veteran players. We're confident EverQuest players will find The Planes of Power an exciting addition."

In The Planes of Power, a portal has been unveiled and now travelers can experience a world unlike anything they have ever seen. Players can share in the knowledge of this extraordinary discovery as they fight the most powerful deities to bring justice to Norrath. Players will fiercely battle the minions of Rallos Zek in the Plane of Tactics, join arms with Karana to regain control of the Plane of Storms, and overcome vile pestilence in the Plane of Disease in their quest to unlock the mysteries of the Planes.

   EverQuest: The Planes of Power Features List:
   -- More than 20 new action-packed "planes" challenging players and
      pushing teamwork abilities to the limit
   -- Enormous planar city, the Plane of Knowledge, provides a hub for easy
      travel and player interaction
   -- A new cast of visually stunning non-player characters including
      Clockwork Golems, Mephits, and Elemental Guardians for earth, wind,
      air and fire
   -- Challenging new quest system that allows unprecedented depths of
   -- Over 50 new monsters, hundreds of new items and spells, and expanded
      trade skill system, and hundreds of new items
   -- All-new raid system that allows up to 60 players to share exciting
      adventures and gain experience
   -- Increased level cap to 65 including new spells and abilities
   -- A central storyline links the content from every zone into one
      epic quest

EverQuest players looking for a helpful tool to navigate Norrath and beyond will find valuable insight in the EverQuest Atlas. With over 150 detailed maps, the EverQuest Atlas is the most comprehensive collection of maps available for EverQuest and expansions: The Ruins of Kunark™, The Scars of Velious®, The Shadows of Luclin™ and The Planes of Power™. Each map offers valuable insight into the quests, monsters, riches and dangers of each location. EverQuest Atlas is available now in retail stores across the U.S.

For more information please visit the official Planes of Power Website at .

About EverQuest

EverQuest, developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment Inc., launched in 1999 and has since become a gaming and cultural phenomenon. Continuing to grow with award-winning expansions The Ruins of Kunark™, The Scars of Velious® and The Shadows of Luclin™, EverQuest proves to be the largest 3D fantasy world ever created online. During peak periods, more than 100,000 simultaneous adventurers have explored the fully detailed fantasy world of Norrath filled with dragons, knights, wizards and more. The active global EverQuest subscriber base is comprised of players from more than 40 different countries including the U.S., England, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, France, Italy and Australia.

About Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), the online gaming division of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, is a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming that creates, develops and provides online entertainment for the personal computer, console, wireless, and online markets. With more than 13 million registered users, SOE's award-winning website, The Station® ( ) hosts a variety of entertaining games and player communities spanning numerous genres. In addition to blockbuster hits EverQuest® and Jeopardy! Online, SOE has an array of cutting-edge online games in development such as PlanetSide™, Star Wars® Galaxies™, EverQuest® II, and the world's premier online-only console game for the PlayStation®2, EverQuest® Online Adventures™.

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