Civilization Is Only Skin Deep in Primal™ for PlayStation®2

Immersive Action-Adventure Title Combines Exploration and Combat in a Chilling Conflict Between Order and Chaos, From Developer of Acclaimed MediEvil® Series


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the February 2003 release of Primal™, an innovative action-adventure game developed exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Cambridge Studios, creators of the best-selling MediEvil® series for PlayStation. Combining immersive exploration with an advanced combat system, Primal plunges players into an intense battle between order and chaos on a journey towards self-discovery.

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Primal follows the story of Jen Tate, a modern-day girl who must face the demons of an immortal universe to discover her own supernatural origin. As Jen, players learn to unleash and control four different demon-fighting forms, each possessing unique skills and attributes, as they are immersed into a fantasy world joined inextricably with our own. This is not a world of goblins and barbarians, or any other such fantasy fare. Within the dark realms of Primal's alternate universe, gamers find themselves immersed in an intricate and realistic story -- enhanced by several sub-plots and twists -- that makes them question the fine line between fantasy and reality.

"Primal offers a dark, atmospheric gameplay universe, filled with brilliantly demonic characters, yet it is a world that feels familiar and closely linked to our own," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. "Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Cambridge Studio has successfully combined a compelling storyline with fully developed characters and backgrounds that really feel alive, delivering a new standard in entertainment on PlayStation 2."

Primal is a story-driven game of exploration, combat and puzzles, presented through the experiences of Jen and Lewis, a present-day, human couple drawn into discord by eternal forces. While gameplay revolves around the momentous events of the story, there are many personal revelations and surprises for the characters along the way.

Essential to the game's core is the unusual and evolving relationship between Primal's two main, playable characters, Jen, the girl, and her companion, Scree, a gargoyle. Players can switch between Jen and Scree at any time, and will be required to assess and utilize each character's strengths to succeed in various areas of the game -- Jen has better combat skills, whereas Scree can climb and explore areas more freely. Taking on the role of Jen allows players to transform into four different demonic forms, each with a unique fighting weapon and technique; as Scree, players can possess all kinds of statues.

Primal is set within a huge environment featuring four expansive realms surrounding a central hub. A dynamic loading system allows for uninterrupted gameplay between levels, and magical portals act as links and "windows" into other worlds. Additional technological achievements include seamless character morphing between Jen's human and demon forms, extravagant particle effects and environmental effects such as fog and mist, guaranteeing Primal's position as one of the most innovative and visually stunning titles for PlayStation 2 in the New Year.

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