The Getaway Combines Videogames and Film to Provide Ultimate Interactive Entertainment Experience on PlayStation®2

Team Soho Stops Players in Their Tracks as Highly Anticipated Title Blurs the Line Between Game and Film to Deliver an Action Movie Gamers Can Play


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of The Getaway, a free-roaming, mission-based, 3D action game created exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's, Team Soho, The Getaway fuses interactive gaming and cinematic films into one medium, providing players with a one-of-a-kind interactive entertainment experience. Set in London, the cosmopolitan hub of Europe, The Getaway features 40 square kilometers of photo-realistically recreated London blocks and street corners, creating the most technological and realistic reenactment of a city ever seen in a videogame.

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The Getaway follows the story of two men from opposite sides of the law. Mark Hammond, an ex-bank robber and former member of the Collins Crew gang, is on the run for the murder of his wife. Frank Carter is a vigilante cop who was suspended from the Flying Squad. Both men, manipulated by Charlie Jolson, a notorious crime boss of London's East End for more than 20 years, are desperate to clear their names. Longing for revenge, they share their obsession to bring down London's crime supremo.

"Team Soho has set a new precedent with The Getaway," said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "It's one of the first titles to combine the excitement of popular action and driving games with the ambience and realism of a film to create an entertainment experience that feels like a true, cinematic movie. When gamers submerge themselves within the realistic environments in The Getaway, they will be instantly captivated by the riveting plot and challenged by the strategic gameplay, all the while feeling the adrenaline rush of an action movie."

"The power of PlayStation 2 allowed us to incorporate cinematic and photographic images from real-life locations and environments to make this the most realistic replication of any city ever seen in a videogame," said Brendan McNamara, director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "We approached the development of the game in the same way as you would a movie -- from writing the script, building real sets and hiring professional actors -- fusing game and film production techniques into one medium. Our goal was to create a videogame as culturally significant as film, and The Getaway delivers on that promise. We believe this will change people's perceptions of videogaming and raise the industry standard to a whole new level."

The Getaway leaves it up to the player to decide how to play, from choosing how to complete missions, to deciding whether to drive or run to the next location. Initially, gamers will hit the streets of London playing Hammond in order to complete a series of suicidal missions, and will later switch over to the role of Carter to complete the other missions. Both characters provide a variety of gameplay options and players will experience versatility in missions, as each character has his own agenda. As Hammond's story unfolds, other characters will be introduced with their actions viewed from Hammond's perspective. When the gamer changes roles, however, these same events affect Carter differently, impacting the gameplay dramatically with entwining storylines.

The Getaway showcases exciting, immersive player environments featuring damage modeling and physics on all cars, moving traffic, free-to-roam parks, hundreds of tourists and pedestrians and high-powered weaponry, all made possible by the technological capabilities of PlayStation 2. Gamers can race to their next mission, get out and run inside a building to face their next task -- then make the getaway on foot or by car. Players can also abandon their cars and grab new ones, and perform amazing stunts while in their vans, buses, taxis or anything else stolen from the street.

The Getaway blurs the line between movies and videogames, with its gritty storyline, intriguing characters, advanced lighting modes and special effects. With close to 90 minutes of compelling narrative, realistic physics models and motion-captured characters, seamless level-loading and interactive, dynamic camera angles, players will be introduced to a new level of entertainment when they experience The Getaway.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated The Getaway "M" for Mature. For more information about the ESRB visit

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