EverQuest®: The Legacy of Ykesha™ Available Now Via Digital Download

- Sony Online Entertainment's First Ever Digital Extension, The Legacy of Ykesha, Forges New Ground in EverQuest Gameplay -


Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, announced today the release of EverQuest®: The Legacy of Ykesha™, the first digital extension for the best-selling, critically acclaimed EverQuest series. Breaking new ground by offering numerous technical advances and improvements to gameplay via digital download, The Legacy of Ykesha expands the world of Norrath for current EverQuest players by adding new adventure zones, quests, spells, items, a new playable character race and more. The new digital extension can be downloaded in-game for $21.99. Additionally, select retailers will receive a limited number of retail CDs for the benefit of narrowband customers in the coming weeks. Retail pricing will vary.

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"The Legacy of Ykesha is a unique addition to the EverQuest series in that the development team's primary focus has been technical enhancements," said Michael Lustenberger, director of product marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. "We're committed to delivering what EverQuest players have been asking for with new and enhanced gameplay features and innovative content that make adventuring in Norrath all the more exhilarating."

About EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha

In The Legacy of Ykesha, the forces of light and dark have been called to arms, as EverQuest players will witness a world-changing event that forever changes the political and social landscape of Norrath. Also, for the first time, players will be able to play as one of the most popular non-player character races, the Frogloks, and explore one of the most mysterious places in all of Norrath, Broken Skull Rock. Located just off the southern coast of Antonica, epic adventures await those who dare to traverse the treacherous waters surrounding the island.

  EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha Features List:

   -- All-new zones to explore on the mysterious, centuries-old
      Broken Skull Rock

   -- 8 additional bank slots allow players to store more loot, bringing the
      total bank slots to 16

   -- Innovative NPC conversation journal that allows players to track
      conversations with NPCs by text, date, zone and NPC

   -- Newly created guild management system to view, promote, demote, and
      rank guild members online or offline

   -- Enhanced Looking For Group system makes finding the right group or
      individual easier than ever before

   -- Customizable PC armor dye system enables players to personalize armor

   -- Newly created Cartography system that allows players to create
      specialized in-game maps using a point-and-line system

   -- New charm inventory slot and a slew of new items that can be placed
      there that add magical enhancements to the player's character

   -- New playable race, the Frogloks, are rich in lore and fighting to
      reclaim their homeland

For more information please visit the official EverQuest: The Legacy of Ykesha website at www.legacyofykesha.com .

About EverQuest

EverQuest, developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment Inc., launched in 1999 and has since become a gaming and cultural phenomenon. Continuing to grow with award-winning expansions The Ruins of Kunark®, The Scars of Velious®, The Shadows of Luclin™ and The Planes of Power™, EverQuest proves to be the largest 3D fantasy world ever created online. During peak periods, more than 100,000 simultaneous adventurers have explored the fully detailed fantasy world of Norrath filled with dragons, knights, wizards, and more. The active global EverQuest subscriber base is comprised of players from 40 different countries including the U.S., England, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Israel, France, Italy and Australia.

About Sony Online Entertainment

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), the online gaming division of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment, is a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming that creates, develops and provides online entertainment for the personal computer, console, wireless, and online markets. With more than 13 million registered users, SOE's award-winning website, The Station ® ( www.station.com ) hosts a variety of entertaining games and player communities spanning numerous genres. In addition to the blockbuster hit EverQuest®, SOE has an array of cutting-edge online games in development such as PlanetSide™, Star Wars Galaxies™, EverQuest® II, and the world's premier online-only console game for the PlayStation®2, EverQuest® Online Adventures™.

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