New Sony Multimedia Handheld Proves That There's More Than Meets the Eye


Consumers looking for a multimedia handheld that complements their library of Memory Stick® media and CompactFlash® (CF) Type II memory cards will soon find their ideal device in today's announcement from Sony Electronics.

On the hinge of the device between the LCD screen and keyboard, the new CLIE NX-class handheld boasts a 1.3 megapixel digital camera with a "Capture Light" that illuminates subjects in dark lighting conditions when taking still images or recording video. For sunny conditions, the camera also features a light filter that helps to prevent over-exposing subjects.

"The key focus of the new CLIE NX80V was to strike a balance between form and function; features and ease-of-use," said Russell Paik, Sony Electronics' vice president for handheld marketing.

The digital camera rotates 300-degrees for capturing images up to 1280 x 960 pixel resolutions and recording MPEG4 video clips up to 60-minute intervals of continuous video (160 x 112 pixels) using an optional 1GB Memory Stick PRO™ media.

The Improved Expansion Slots

The back of the unit reveals a redesigned communications slot that pops-out with a simple flick of a switch. Sony expanded the capabilities of the slot to support select CF type II memory cards for the storage and access of supported applications and data files -- allowing the device to now accept both the Memory Stick® and CF memory format cards. Users can transfer files of all types from one card to another without having to rely on a PC. When the new slot is not needed, simply closing the slot helps to retain a slim profile.

In addition to memory, the communications slot enables users to wirelessly browse the Internet and check their e-mail on a Wi-Fi (802.11b) network when used with an optional Sony PEGA-WL100 or WL110 wireless LAN cards. Sony has included with the device a 30-day free trial version of Visto Corporation's MessageXpress™ email service, which allows users access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes corporate e-mail within a public Wi-Fi hot spot or private local area network (LAN) environment.

Subtle Improvements with Impactful Results

To improve usability, Sony has pre-installed most of the Sony-developed applications into the ROM memory (increased to 32MB). This minimizes the set-up time associated with other standard devices based on Palm OS® software, eliminates the need to reinstall the applications in the event that battery life should be completely depleted, and makes more RAM space available for storage on the CLIE NX80V model (16MB usable).

Sony has also added Decuma™ handwriting recognition software option to the new model, which recognizes the full 26-character Roman alphabet when written in printed letters. Users can select either this or the Graffiti 2™ software for character entry. A third input option includes a QWERTY keyboard that is backlit for operation in dimly-lit environments.


Also announced today, the CLIE PEG-NX73V model retains all of the features found in the CLIE NX80V model with the following key differences:

   *  Camera specification:  310K pixel resolution camera without Capture
      light and neutral density filter features.
   *  On board memory size:  32MB ROM, 16MB RAM (11MB usable).

                         Pricing and Availability

The new CLIE PEG-NX80V and PEG-NX73V handheld models will be available at retailers nationwide in early July for about $600 and $500, respectively. Pre-orders may be placed beginning today at .

The PEGA-WL110 Wi-Fi modem cards are currently available for about $150.

For further information please contact: David D. Yang of Sony Electronics, +1-858-942-7733, ; or Mary McEvoy of The Hoffman Agency, +1-408-975-3052, , for Sony Electronics.

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SOURCE: Sony Electronics

CONTACT: David D. Yang of Sony Electronics, +1-858-942-7733, ; or Mary McEvoy of The Hoffman Agency,
+1-408-975-3052, , for Sony Electronics

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