Sony's New Flat-Panel Displays Directly Address Corporate and Government Customer Needs

Emphasis on Ergonomics, Productivity and Panel Performance


Concentrating on corporate and government needs for better ergonomics in the workplace, Sony's latest line of flat-panel computer displays feature brighter panels and easily adjustable hardware designs that are ideal for an office environment.

The new 15-inch SDM-X53, 17-inch SDM-X73 and 19-inch SDM-X93 models maximize productivity with the exclusive ErgoStand™ control system and ErgoBright™ technology, which improve both energy efficiency and desktop space. The ErgoStand™ control system allows users to customize their viewing positions by easily adjusting the displays' height, tilt and swivel base. Each model tilts to several different positions up to 20 degrees, has the ability to swivel up to 350 degrees, and adjust its height position up to four inches.

Each display features the industry's thinnest bezel design, less than 3/4 of an inch on each side, which allows for side-by-side mounting or stacking of multiple displays to maximize productivity. Sony's energy-saving ErgoBright™ technology automatically adapts to each individual workplace environment by adjusting the display's brightness as ambient light conditions change.

Available later this month, the X53 and X73 displays will be priced at about $430 and $600, respectively. The X93 is expected to sell for around $800.

"Nearly 50 percent of our displays are sold to corporate and government customers," said Stan Glasgow, vice president of display marketing for Sony Electronics. "As the shift from CRT to LCD continues, we have developed specific flat-panel displays that focus on end-user applications."

Viewing and Hearing Pleasure

Available in either two-tone gray or black to match multiple PC designs, the new models feature both digital and analog inputs, as well as integrated stereo speakers and a headphone jack. Sony's Auto ImageSet™ technology and sharpness control optimize picture performance and enhance each display's response time for smoother video playback and clean text reproduction.

Clean and Clear Desks

The displays' efficient cable management system and internal power supply will clear up much-needed space on any desktop with their reduced footprint design. Each display is also both PC and Macintosh compatible to suit every office need.

Value Line to Meet All Needs

In August, Sony will also introduce a value line of LCDs geared towards corporate and government customers that have a similar look and feel as the X models. The new 15-inch SDM-S53, 17-inch SDM-S73 and 19-inch SDM-S93 models are all being designed on the same ergonomic platform of the X models and include a fixed ErgoStand™ design as well as adjustable ErgoBright™ technology. Available in August, the S53 and S73 displays will be priced at about $330 and $500, respectively. The S93 is expected to sell for about $750.

For further information, please contact: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Candice Kwok of Hoffman Agency, +1-408-975-3081,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

CONTACT: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Candice Kwok of Hoffman Agency, +1-408-975-3081,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

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