Sony Handhelds: Have Cradle, Will Travel

New CLIE Handheld Car Cradle Accessory Entertains, Gives Directions and Plays Back Audio - All While Charging Power


American drivers will soon be able to make their CLIE™ handhelds an active companion on daily commutes and long distance drives with the new CLIE handheld PEGA-CC5 car cradle accessory.

With a compatible handheld (CLIE PEG-NX80V, -NX73V and -TG50 models) docked in the cradle, the new accessory can enable such features as:

   *  Global Positioning System (GPS) Assist Navigation system: Displays
      car's location and direction of movement through the CLIE handheld
      high-resolution screen.  Working in conjunction with the bundled GPS
      antenna, the cradle unit provides turn-by-turn directions with voice
      prompts (requires PC and Internet connection for route set-up).  The
      special version of Rand McNally® StreetFinder® Travel Navigation
      Software features street-level maps and descriptions of restaurants,
      hotels, attractions and business services for easier travel.

   *  Audio Output: Transmits MP3 and ATRAC3™ music files stored on
      Memory Stick® media via car audio speakers through the FM
      transmitter function (optimal frequency range from 95.9 - 101.9MHz),
      and the optional line-out cassette adapter or the Sony® Bus
      Connection Adaptor Output accessories (for use with compatible Sony
      car stereo head units with Changer Control function.

   *  Text-to-Voice Function: Reads back e-mail stored in CLIE Mail™
      software application synchronized with a PC, and appointments entered
      into Palm Schedule application.

   *  Power Charge: Plugs easily into a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket
      to power the cradle unit and recharge the CLIE handheld's internal

   *  Remote Commander® remote control unit:  Wirelessly controls certain
      CLIE software applications and CLIE car cradle functions.

                         Pricing and Availability

The new CLIE PEGA-CC5 car cradle will be available at retailers nationwide at the end of August for about $300. Pre-orders may be placed beginning today at .

For further information please contact David D. Yang, +1-858-942-7733, , or Rachel Branch, +1-201-930-7834, , both of Sony Electronics.

SOURCE: Sony Electronics

CONTACT: David D. Yang, +1-858-942-7733, , or
Rachel Branch, +1-201-930-7834, , both of Sony

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