Video, Gaming, Computing and Style All in New Line of Sony Flat-Panel Displays

LCDs Combine Brilliant Design With Premium Features


With an emphasis on panel performance and features for the ultimate multimedia experience, Sony's latest addition to its floating frame consumer LCD (liquid crystal display) line keeps an eye on style.

The new 17-inch SDM-HX73 (17.0-inch viewable image size) and 19-inch SDM-HX93 (19.0-inch viewable image size) models feature high performing panels with outstanding brightness, contrast ratio and response time. Both models include one-touch adjustable performance settings that optimize computing, watching movies or playing games. Available later this month, the HX73 and HX93 displays are expected to cost $620 and $1,000, respectively.

"PC users are not only shifting from CRT to LCD, but they are expecting more from their displays," said Stan Glasgow, vice president of display marketing for Sony Electronics. "From watching movies and editing photos to playing computer games and more, these new HX models will captivate consumers."

For Your Viewing Pleasure -- On or Off

Available in either an elegant metallic gray or matte black to match a variety of PC designs, both models come with Sony's ErgoBright™ technology, which automatically adjusts brightness as ambient lighting conditions change in the home -- brighter by day and softer by night.

The new displays are equipped with Sony's highest-performing LCD panel with an 800:1 contrast ratio on the 19-inch display and 500:1 on the 17-inch. This feature, along with 1280 x 1024 native resolutions and high brightness (450 candelas per meter squared) on both displays, dramatically enhances the display's performance for watching DVDs or surfing the Internet.

In true Sony style, the HX displays also appear to float in the air due to a softly curved metallic base that lifts the panel from the desktop and brings the picture to life.

Chrome buttons are mounted on the side of the display so users can easily adjust panel settings, toggling between customized settings for optimum viewing of video, gaming and/or multiple computer connections.

  The new displays are both Macintosh® computer- and PC-compatible.

                         Clean and Clear Desktops

Their efficient cable management system and internal power supply will clear up much-needed desktop space, while their integrated stereo speakers powered by SRS® WOW™ audio technology eliminate the need for external speakers.

Both models are conveniently equipped with digital and analog connections. They deliver a pure digital signal for smooth video performance, bold colors and sharp text, ensuring compatibility with current and future computer systems.

For further information, please contact: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Candice Kwok of Hoffman Agency, +1-408-975-3081,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

CONTACT: John Dolak of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-2905,; or Candice Kwok of Hoffman Agency, +1-408-975-3081,, for Sony Electronics Inc.