CLIE Video Recorder Lets User Choose Where/When to Watch TV

Sony's New Accessory Records Cable and Over-The-Air Programs on Memory Stick Media for Playback on a Variety of Devices


Keeping up with the latest in reality TV and archiving favorite cooking shows just left the confines of a living room with Sony's new CLIE® PEGA-VR100K video recorder accessory.

A little larger than a VHS tape and easily connected to a TV or cable box via coaxial cable, the device records more than four hours of television programs on an optional 1GB Memory Stick PRO™ memory card. The recorded videos can be viewed on a TV, PC or anywhere the CLIE handheld goes.

Computer displays with a video input jack will also be able to receive cable and TV signals through the unit's built-in TV tuner. PC viewing of recorded videos requires the optional QuickTime® application program (version 6.0 or higher).

"The CLIE handheld's value lies in its endless multimedia capabilities," said Russell Paik, vice president of handheld marketing at Sony Electronics. "Digital video recorders allowed people to view TV and cable programs at anytime. We're adding a new facet to that possibility by enabling people to view those shows anywhere."

The CLIE VR100K recorder compresses video directly onto a Memory Stick PRO or standard 128MB Memory Stick® media. The device's bundled video utility software allows users to program a Memory Stick media with the time of the show they would like to record. Once inserted into the recorder, the device then does the rest.

The device will be available this month for about $300 at retailers nationwide and at .

                      Recording Mode Specifications

   Recording mode         High      Standard       Long        Long
                        Quality       Play        Play 1      Play 2

   Bit rate (video)     384 kbps    218 kbps     96 kbps      64 kbps
   Frame rate            15 fps      15 fps       15 fps      15 fps
   Frame size          320 x 240    320 x 240   160 x 112    176 x 144
   Sampling rate         24kHz        24kHz       24kHz        24kHz
   Stereo/Mono (sound)   Stereo      Stereo        Mono     Stereo/Mono
   Bit rate (audio)     128 kbps     64 kbps     32 kbps      64 kbps

   Recording    Standard Memory Stick and Memory Stick PRO Media Capacity
   Time                  128MB        256MB       512MB         1GB

   High Quality (HQ)    30 min.      55 min.     120 min.    250 min.
   Standard Play (SP)   60 min.     105 min.     220 min.    460 min.
   Long Play 1 (LP1)    130 min.    230 min.     490 min.   1,000 min.
   Long Play 2 (LP2)    130 min.    230 min.     490 min.   1,000 min.

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SOURCE: Sony Electronics

CONTACT: David D. Yang of Sony Electronics, +1-858-942-7733, ; or Eric Apodaca of The Hoffman Agency,
+1-408-975-3071, , for Sony Electronics

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