Sony's Latest 3-CCD Camcorder Brightens the Digital Video Landscape

Expert DCR-VX2100 Model Offers Advancements in Video and Audio Quality and in Ergonomic Design


Sony, the company that created the 3-CCD consumer camcorder category, today announced the next step in high performance digital video recording with the introduction of the DCR-VX2100 MiniDV Handycam® camcorder, offering one of the brightest video results of any three-CCD MiniDV model.

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This new model incorporates many of the fundamental features that made its predecessor, the DCR-VX2000, one of the most popular camcorders in its class, while incorporating an improved optics and audio package. The new DCR-VX2100 model is expected to be available in December for about $3,000.

With its new Advanced HAD™ progressive scan CCD technology, the new video camera improves the minimum illumination, delivering the ultimate in low-light performance in a MiniDV camcorder without the use of infrared technology. By increasing the CCD's sensitivity to light, the DCR-VX2100 model produces clearer, brighter video with more lifelike color reproduction, even when it has been recorded in dimly lit environments.

This camcorder also has a 58-millimeter aspherical lens and a two-position neutral density filter. The aspherical lens minimizes the distortions that usually occur around the edges of video shot by a standard spherical lens, while the neutral density filter compensates for varying lighting situations such as studio lights or direct sunlight.

To protect this enhanced optics package, a new lens hood is supplied and integrates a built-in lens cap. By using the lever on the side of the hood, the lens cap can be easily opened or closed by the filmmaker rushing to the next location.

Take Control of Sound and Vision

If videographers desire a camcorder with manual audio control that reproduces the hum of a cricket with clarity, then the DCR-VX2100 with its improved audio process is the video camera for them. This new system offers a superior signal-to-noise ratio that produces cleaner and clearer sound.

The model also offers audio recording flexibility with PCM Digital Stereo Audio in 12 and 16-bit audio modes. Sixteen-bit offers high quality stereo sound, while the 12-bit Audio Dub mode records digital video in two stereo tracks for the simple addition of background music or voice-over to the video.

The camcorder also provides the choice of automatic or manual control for all aspects of exposure, shutter and depth of field, so the budding hobbyist as well as the seasoned videographer can control as much or as little as they want to achieve professional results. A manual focus ring and a manual zoom ring further the user control and flexibility.

Built for the Serious Videographer

At a glance, the DCR-VX2100 model looks similar to its predecessor but on further inspection the new unit's darker grey chassis, larger viewfinder, larger eyecup and over-sized handle lined with both zoom and record start/stop buttons, makes it a stand-out.

The unit's new handle is ergonomically designed for the one-handed operation of a filmmaker who needs mobility and control when recording at challenging angles. By enlarging and adding zoom and record/stop buttons directly to the handle -- in addition to identical buttons on the body -- the DCR-VX2100 is effective for capturing low-angled shots and can be easily manipulated in tight shooting spaces.

The viewfinder, eyecup and window size of the magnifier have been enlarged for a more comfortable viewing experience.

The new camcorder also has several other distinctive features, including a built-in color bar generator, 16:9 wide screen recording capability, an intelligent accessory shoe, both 12x optical and 48x digital zoom, advanced optical SteadyShot® picture stabilization and up to seven hours of operation with the optional NP-F960 InfoLithium® battery.

   Other features include:

   *  i.LINK® Digital Video Interface -- The i.LINK® (IEEE-1394) DV
      interface allows for high speed bi-directional digital communication
      between two devices equipped with a compatible i.LINK DV interface,
      including digital camcorders, digital VCRs and PCs.

   *  InfoLithium® Battery with AccuPower™ System -- All Sony Handycam
      camcorders conveniently indicate the remaining minutes of battery life
      on the LCD or viewfinder display, allowing users to keep an accurate
      and constant reading of remaining battery power.

   *  2.5" Precision SwivelScreen™ Hybrid LCD Display -- The LCD provides
      excellent viewing clarity with 211,000 pixels.  The hybrid system
      allows for increased visibility in challenging lighting situations
      such as bright sunlight.

Users can capture "still video grabs" directly to Memory Stick® flash media cards. The DCR-VX2100 camcorder includes an 8MB Memory Stick card and can capture up to 120 JPEG compressed images to the card in standard mode.

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