Deluxe Edition of the Coral's Magic and Medicine Album to be Released As A Two-Fer in the U.S. on Deltasonic/Columbia Records

American Edition of Critically-Acclaimed U.K. Release to Include Brand-New Coral Album, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker, as Bonus Disc

In Stores Tuesday, February 10, 2004


American fans of the critically-acclaimed U.K. group the Coral will receive a special bonus when the Coral's Magic and Medicine album is released stateside on Deltasonic/Columbia Records. The domestic version of Magic and Medicine will include, as a value-added bonus, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker, the latest Coral album, in its entirety. The two-album edition of Magic and Medicine will be in stores on Tuesday, February 10.

With the release of the group's eponymous debut album in 2002, the Coral quickly catapulted to the upper echelons of Britpop acclaim. The album was nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize was the Coral was nominated for two Brit Awards -- for Best British Album and British Breakthrough Act -- and drew massive critical accolades on both sides of the Atlantic.

Produced by the Lighting Seed's Ian Broudie, and released in the U.K. on July 28, 2003, Magic and Medicine shot straight to #1 on the U.K. charts and began kicking out a string of hit singles: "Don't Think You're The First" (which entered the U.K. singles chart at #10), "Pass It On" (entering the singles chart at #5 and peaking at #8 on the British airplay chart), and "Secret Kiss," released on the heels of the Coral's triumphant European tour with Blur.

"The Coral's debut album attacked the listener from all sides," wrote Dan Stubbs in his four-star review of Magic and Medicine for Q magazine. "Defiantly uncategorisable and bursting with invention, critics were left gasping for adjectives to describe what they'd witnessed: a melee of sea shanties, reggae, psychedelia and rhythm 'n' blues ... Magic and Medicine is everything a follow-up should be: refined, progressive and as inspired as its predecessor." "Less manic than their debut," observed Time Out London, "this second album oozes with the self-confidence of a band who know they're right at the top of their game." Andy Gill, writing for The Independent Review, gave Magic and Medicine a five star rating noting that "The Coral have produced an album that, though superficially similar to their debut, takes giant strides beyond it."

Turning once again to producer Ian Broudie, the Coral traveled to a recording studio in Wales to create the ten-track album, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker. Scheduled for a U.K. release on January 26, 2004, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker will be released in the U.S. as a bonus disk with Magic and Medicine on February 10, 2004. According to the Coral's James Skelly, Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker " ... was quite a spontaneous record -- we recorded it live over two weeks. Pretty much all of the vocals and the guitar parts were done on the first take. It's quite light-hearted -- we're not taking ourselves too seriously. There's a bit of humor in it."

   The Coral
   Magic And Medicine

    1. In the Forest
    2. Don't Think You're the First
    3. Liezah
    4. Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues
    5. Secret Kiss
    6. Milkwood Blues
    7. Bill McCai
    8. Eskimo Lament
    9. Careless Hands
   10. Pass it On
   11. All of Our Love
   12. Confessions of A.D.D.D

   The Coral
   Nightfreak And The Songs of Becker

    1. Precious Eyes
    2. Venom Cable
    3. I Forgot My Name
    4. Song Of The Corn
    5. Sorrow Or The Song
    6. Auntie's Operation
    7. Why Does The Sun Come Up?
    8. Grey Harpoon
    9. Keep Me Company
   10. Migraine
   11. Lovers Paradise

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