The World of PlayStation®2 Brought to Your Town


40-Foot PlayStation® Patrol Brings Free Videogaming Fun and Entertainment

                           to Philadelphia, PA

  WHO:       Industry leader Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.,
             maker of the world's best-selling PlayStation game console and
             PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, with more than
             1,800 of the highest-rated videogame titles on the market
             -- with something to satisfy everyone!

  WHAT:      PlayStation will bring the PlayStation Patrol to
             Philadelphia, PA.  The PlayStation Patrol is a 40-foot long
             vehicle, featuring 17 PlayStation 2 interactive kiosks.  The
             vehicle is set-up to play all of the hottest and best-selling
             videogame titles available for the PlayStation 2 computer
             entertainment system.  The PlayStation Patrol Scout, a
             PlayStation 2 branded Hummer® H2*, will accompany the
             PlayStation Patrol and help spread the news that the
             PlayStation Patrol is in town. Coupons will be available for a
             $5.00 discount on Syphon Filter®: The Omega Strain for
             PlayStation 2. This event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

  WHERE      Philadelphia, PA
  AND        Trans World Entertainment
  WHEN:      1173 Franklin Mills Circle
             Philadelphia, PA
             Friday, May 21, 2004          Noon - 8 p.m.
             Saturday, May 22, 2004        10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
             Sunday, May 23, 2004          11 a.m. - 7 p.m.

  -- HOT and UPCOMING videogame titles, including: EyeToy™ (for
     PlayStation 2), Rise to Honor™ (for PlayStation 2), Ratchet and
     Clank®: Going Commando (for PlayStation 2), MLB 2005 (for
     PlayStation 2), Jak II™ (for PlayStation 2), Gran Turismo™ 3
     A-spec (for PlayStation 2), ATV Offroad Fury® 2 (for PlayStation 2),
     Syphon Filter®: The Omega Strain (for PlayStation 2) and many more.
  -- 17 PlayStation 2 kiosks (including one 40-inch big screen kiosk)

  For more information, please contact:
   Katy Dormer
   Sony Computer Entertainment America

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