Sony Projector is Small in Size, Big on Performance

New VPL-CS7 Model Simplifies the Presenting Process


Sony Electronics today introduced a pint-sized projector that meets the needs of educational and corporate customers who want a transportable, lightweight design, along with the flexibility to make presentations in rooms with challenging lighting conditions and limited space.

Weighing only 6 pounds, 4 ounces, the new VPL-CS7 projector can easily be moved between meeting rooms or taken on business trips.

With a high brightness level (1800 ANSI lumens), Jim Neal, group general manager for Sony's IT display products said that, "presentations look great in almost any environment -- light or dark. People in the audience can stay focused on the presenters or instructors whether the lights are on or off, or whether the shades are open or drawn."

As a result of an enhanced zoom lens with a focal length of 2.3m, the new projector is ideal for small meeting areas where large images need to be projected within limited space. The unit also has an advanced cooling system that cuts down on fan noise.

User-Friendly Features

Neal said that the VPL-CS7 was designed to make operation easy, even under the most stressful conditions. Frequently used buttons have been relocated to the top panel for quick access. Additionally, the new projector has a time-saving "Off & Go" function, which allows users to unplug the unit and carry it away as soon as the presentation is over, without having to wait for the cooling fan to stop.

The projector also has an intelligent auto setup that automatically adjusts height and keystone configurations to pre-set levels immediately when powered on.

Safe and Secure

In addition to pre-programmable options, the new model has a password authentication system, which helps prevent unauthorized use and, potentially, theft. The picture will only be displayed if the operator has entered the correct password. The projector is equipped with a "Control Panel Key Lock" function. This disables the unit's operating buttons, preventing inadvertent or unauthorized adjustment of the controls.

New Options For Use

Neal said another benefit of the VPL-CS7 projector is that it can be used for presentations at the office or school during the day and for home entertainment use at night. The unit is HDTV/DTV ready, accepting a wide array of signals to deliver entertainment content.

The projector features a new monitor out function, especially beneficial in the education field, allowing teachers to recite lesson plans while facing the class versus facing the screen to read slides. Other useful functions include an on-screen multi-language setup menu providing 15 languages, along with a 4x digital zoom that can be controlled via the supplied remote commander® unit.

The VPL-CS7 projector will be available in September for about $1,400.

For more information, please contact: Kelly Gaffney of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-8036,; or Christopher Downing of Ruder Finn Switzer, +1-415-348-2733,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

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SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

CONTACT: Kelly Gaffney of Sony Electronics Inc., +1-858-942-8036,; or Christopher Downing of Ruder Finn Switzer,
+1-415-348-2733,, for Sony Electronics Inc.

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