Sony Online Entertainment Celebrates the Launch of EverQuest® II in San Francisco, CA on Thursday, Nov. 11


                 *** Media Advisory Thursday, Nov. 11 ***

   Sony Online Entertainment, a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer
   online gaming, is hosting a star-studded launch event in San Francisco,
   CA in honor of their newest game, EverQuest® II.

   EverQuest II is the new massively multiplayer online game from Sony
   Online Entertainment.  In EverQuest II, players log on to a
   fully-realized 3D fantasy world and join up with thousands of other
   players to adventure across the world of Norrath.  The original EverQuest
   launched in 1999 and continues to this day with hundreds of thousands of
   subscribers around the globe.  In the five years since the original game
   launched, more than 3 million people have played the game.  Sony Online
   Entertainment is expecting EverQuest II to push the genre to the next
   level and bring in a new player base of more casual online gamers.

   Thursday, November 11th
   9:00 PM - 2:00 AM PST

   Ruby Skye
   420 Mason Street
   San Francisco, CA 94109


     *  Celebrity guests from Hollywood and the professional sports world

     *  A completely transformed nightclub, with medieval weapons
        demonstrations, castles, forests and props built specifically for
        the event

     *  Costumed characters direct from the game world

     *  Interview opportunities with the development team and company
        executives responsible for the creation of the game

     *  Dozens of gamers playing the game live from the event

   Let us know you're coming and we'll make sure that you get a press pass
   and ensure that your camera crew comes away with the best footage ever
   from this historic event!  Gameplay footage of EverQuest II will be
   available on b-roll at the event.

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SOURCE: Sony Online Entertainment

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