Columbia Records Readies Release of Joe Perry

Eagerly-Awaited Solo Album From Legendary Aerosmith Guitarist Features 11 Joe Perry Originals Plus Woody Guthrie & The Doors Covers

In Stores Tuesday, May 3


Columbia Records is set to release Joe Perry, the eagerly-awaited new solo album from rock icon Joe Perry, whose incendiary guitar work and songwriting for Aerosmith helped earn the group its ongoing multi-platinum status, four Grammy Awards, and induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2001). Joe Perry is in stores on Tuesday, May 3.

Recorded at the Boneyard -- Perry's basement home studio in Boston -- Joe Perry achieves a smoldering intensity via Perry's signature guitar riffs and unmistakable deep vocals. The album's 13 tracks include 11 new Joe Perry original compositions as well as covers of the Doors' "The Crystal Ship" and Woody Guthrie's "Vigilante Man."

"It didn't occur to me to put this record out until Aerosmith decided to take a year off," says Joe about his new album, which opens with the album's first focus track, "Shakin' My Cage." Joe Perry showcases Joe's vocals on songs like "Push Comes To Shove" and "Dying To Be Free" and his musical chops on instrumentals like "Mercy" and "Twilight."

"It's as honest a record as you're gonna get," says Joe Perry, revealing the nature of this true solo work. In fact, Joe sings all the vocals and plays all the guitars, bass and keyboard parts on Joe Perry. Perry also produced the album, which was co-produced by Paul Caruso, who recorded and engineered the disc and played drums throughout. Don't look for a who's who list of guest players here, except for a friend who teaches at the Berklee School of Music -- "an old-school analog synth guy, Chris Noise, who plays the string part on one ballad, 'Ten Years,'" says Joe Perry.

"Seems like these days that when people go off and do a solo record, it's more the norm to bring in a bunch of all-star friends, but I already have the amazing fortune to play with one of the best singers in the world and the hardest rocking band on the planet," Joe offers, "but also, the way these songs developed from the demos, they already had the sound I was looking for. And it was a refreshing challenge to work this way."

Joe Perry is the fourth solo album from the multi-talented Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee. His previous works -- as the "Joe Perry Project" -- include the self-produced Let The Music Do The Talking (1980) and Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker (1984), along with I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again (1981), all of which were recorded at a time when Joe was on hiatus from Aerosmith. The new album differs from those discs in several key aspects.

"This one didn't come from anywhere near the same space as those albums," Joe explains. "I mean, I had fun doing them and they certainly fulfilled a creative need, but this record reflects the experience of 20 more years of writing and recording and making my way on this planet."

With his home studio located just downstairs from the living quarters, the music on Joe Perry was created organically and recorded under no deadlines or pressure. In fact, the genesis of the album goes back 10 years -- the song "Ten Years" was written by Joe as a tenth anniversary gift to his wife, Billie Paulette, with no intention of it ever being heard by the public. The rest of the album was written by Joe as he worked on Aerosmith's Nine Lives, Just Push Play and 2004's acclaimed blues-fest Honkin' On Bobo, the "four star" (Rolling Stone) album on which Joe sang lead vocals on two tracks.

"One day I was complaining about a lack of inspiration and my wife, Billie, in her role as muse, said, 'Get down and sing where you belong,'" says Joe. "I felt I busted loose and started singing where my voice was more natural as you can hear on the song 'Back Back Train' (from Honkin' On Bobo). I discovered a whole new place and it was a whole new vehicle for me. I found I was writing music better suited for my vocal range."

What about Joe Perry's lyrical inspiration for these tunes? "Well, most of the songs are love songs," he confesses. "Some of them are fast and some of them are slow, that's about it. You sing what you know."

Joe Perry's work with Aerosmith has resulted in an unending array of accolades and honors. Some key milestones over the past 30 years include: album sales exceeding 100 million copies; induction in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2001; four Grammy Awards; 12 MTV Video Awards; two People's Choice Awards; six Billboard Music Awards; eight American Music Awards; 23 Boston Music Awards; and an Academy Award nomination for Best Song, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" (from the soundtrack to "Armageddon").

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   Joe Perry

   1. "Shakin' My Cage"
   2. "Hold On Me"
   3. "Pray For Me"
   4. "Can't Compare"
   5. "Lonely"
   6. "Crystal Ship"
   7. "Talk Talkin'"
   8. "Push Comes To Shove"
   9. "Twilight"
   10. "Ten Years"
   11. "Vigilante Man"
   12. "Dying To Be Free"
   13. "Mercy"

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