Gran Turismo™4 for PlayStation®2 Hits Stores Nationwide

Latest Installment Offers The Most Comprehensive Automotive Driving Simulation Available


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the North American release of Gran Turismo™4, available exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Developed by Polyphony Digital Inc. and following in the footsteps of the PlayStation 2 "Greatest Hits" title, Gran Turismo™3 A-spec and a racing franchise that has sold more than 38 million units worldwide, Gran Turismo 4 further demonstrates its mission to provide the most authentic driving simulation available in the marketplace. The new features extend above and beyond just pure automotive racing, providing a unique destination for automotive and PlayStation 2 enthusiasts to enjoy car culture in every dimension -- extending that goal is highlighted through the availability of more than 700 cars, up to 100 tracks and new modes such as "B-spec (Director mode)" and "Photo Mode." In addition, enhanced popular features will return with "Gran Turismo Mode" and "Gran Turismo Arcade Mode." For complete listings on cars, soundtrack and tracks featured in Gran Turismo 4, please visit


"With its broad appeal and large array of features highlighting car culture, we are excited to bring Gran Turismo 4 to market," said Susan Nourai, director, product and online marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Following up on an initial million unit plus launch in Japan, we have high expectations that Gran Turismo 4 will once again raise the bar for the racing videogame category here in North America."

Gran Turismo 4 Game Mode Descriptions

Available for one to two players, as well as up to six players via LAN, Gran Turismo 4 offers an array of new features. These features include a physics engine that incorporates real-life characteristics of the cars so that they are realistically designed and calculated to simulate the "real life" physics of that particular vehicle, taking into account weight, speed, friction, wind, and more. In addition, an all-new AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine is introduced allowing for behavior from opponents that present human-like reactions and emotions. Gran Turismo 4 continues to offer a refined replay mode with broadcast-quality graphics and now offers support for both High-Definition (1080i) and Dolby Pro Logic II. In addition to the use of the DUALSHOCK 2 analog controller, Gran Turismo 4 is compatible with the Logitech® Driving Force Pro™ wheel, which allows the player to further enhance the automotive racing experience, and can be used for the entire game. Available in black with brushed aluminum accents, the Gran Turismo branded GT Force wheel provides a shifter for manual transmissions, 900 degrees of steering rotation and force-feedback. For more information, please visit

Arcade Mode

Players compete against each other or the artificial intelligence with select cars on select courses. Various gameplay modes are available that include "Single Race," "Time Trial," and multi-player for up to two players (single console) or six players via LAN-based gameplay. More cars and course are available in the GT Arcade Mode when they are unlocked in the Gran Turismo Mode.

Gran Turismo Mode

Via the GT World, players start from the bottom and race to earn money, unlock cars and courses, buy and sell cars and upgrade parts while competing in more than 200 various championship races. Upon entering the GT World, players have the option to visit the following Gran Turismo resort facilities:

  -- My Home -- the player's home and garage
  -- Dealership Town -- divided by continent, players can visit dealerships
     representing over 80 manufacturers from around the world.
  -- Tuner's Village -- players can visit famous tuning shops to upgrade
     their car(s).
  -- Race Event Pavilions -- players can visit and join various races.
  -- License Center -- players will have the opportunity to participate in
     various driving tests to earn licenses for access to various race
  -- Music Theater -- players can enjoy various music from around the world.
  -- Circuit Racing -- players can visit the "suburbs" and enter races at
     various circuit tracks.
  -- Mission Races -- To experience the drama of racing at a new level, a
     new race style is structured as a mission-clearing based race event
     offering numerous variables for the player to capture the checkered
  -- New "High Score" System -- The player who wins a race is not
     necessarily the one who captures the checkered flag, but graded on how
     well they drive and challenge themselves among the competition based on
     their car type, horsepower and modifications related to the race field.

  B-spec Mode

Players take the role of a race team manager and provide direction to their driver (A.I.) to compete in races while viewed and directed through the classic "broadcast-style" replay screen, on-board camera and race monitor screen. In B-spec mode, the player will have the opportunity to adjust various car settings for proper race setup, choose the difficulty level, which is also known as the "Pace Command," followed with direction on when to overtake competition and take pit stops where a variety of car settings can be adjusted to further progress in the race -- from tires to the volume of fuel for refueling.

Photo Mode

Divided in two formats: 1) "Photo Drive" -- players have the opportunity to photograph their car during the race where they can take advantage of zoom, depth of field and motion blur. 2) "Photo Travel" -- Players can take their favorite car and travel around the globe to conduct photo sessions in exotic locations through a variety of angles. Once the photo is taken in the game, the player can save it to their memory card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2) or a USB key and have the option to share with friends or print out a color copy via a USB printer. Up to 50 photos can be taken at one time.


In Gran Turismo 4, automobiles available for the player represent historically significant vehicles to popular cars of today and tomorrow. All vehicles are fully customizable from racing tires to gear ratio. New driver assist functions: In addition to anti-lock brakes, traction control systems and active stability control, Gran Turismo 4 includes active steering as well, further enhancing the safety features. In reflecting the latest car tuning trends, Gran Turismo 4 has the availability of superchargers and NOS. More than 50 courses are available in Gran Turismo 4 that encompass dirt/snow courses, world circuits, original circuits (tracks from previous Gran Turismo titles) and city courses covering both real-life and fantasy-based locales. Some courses can be played in reverse mode. Some courses include Nurburgring Nordschleife, New York City, the Grand Canyon, Tsukuba Circuit, and more.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Gran Turismo 4 "E" for Everyone. For more information about the ERSB visit

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