Rise of the Kasai™ Exclusively for PlayStation®2, Delivers Innovative Tandem-Based Fighting, Storytelling and Artistry, at its Best

In the Sequel to Acclaimed The Mark of Kri™, Players Battle the Past to Preserve the Future


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the release of Rise of the Kasai™, exclusively for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. The sequel to the critically acclaimed The Mark of Kri™ is developed by BottleRocket Entertainment Inc., who set out to make Rise of the Kasai stand out from other games by offering a unique single-player cooperative fighting system and a rich story that spans different time periods told through new playable characters and beautiful watercolor painted in-game movies.

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Rise of the Kasai offers four playable characters in an intense single-player AI-assisted cooperative gameplay setting. The unique collaborative gameplay pairs the gamer with a fellow warrior, making teamwork essential to sneak, plan and fight one's way through breathtaking, culturally-inspired environments.

"We have leveraged our individual experiences in animation and game development to make Rise of the Kasai an engrossing and dynamic experience," said Jonathan Beard, president of BottleRocket Entertainment Inc. "Players can expect a visually stunning and innovative combat game that produces golden gaming moments -- moments where both you and the computer work together to inflict satisfying carnage or times when your AI buddy reigns down arrows on your assailants at just the right moment."

Rau, the noble warrior from the Mark of Kri returns with his marked sister, Tati, who is now a 20-year-old rebel returning the favor of her brother's protection by fighting the denizens alongside him in order to preserve the family's future. A new duo of playable characters, Baumusu, Rau's trainer, and Griz, the eldest and most revered of the known living Rakus, is also available to the player.

Throughout the 10 captivating levels, players will gather key plot details through the bird, Kuzo, who also serves as Rau's spirit guide, as well as through newly designed watercolor style paintings and animated in-game movies.

In each of the fighting stages, gamers will select one of the two characters available for the level (Rau or Tati, Baumusu or Griz) and the other becomes the players' computer-controlled buddy, who will fight alongside or break off to secure his or her own objectives. Using the right analog stick, up to nine opponents in the player's immediate proximity range can be locked onto and attacked or disarmed using a projectile, melee, short-range or other weapon specific to the selected character. Once an enemy is targeted, an icon will appear above its head and hitting the corresponding button will engage the player in battle, and any button not assigned can be added to perform a lethal combo. Each level can be replayed as the opposite character, allowing the player to experience all aspects of the game from a completely different point of view.

A remote view is available to observe the computer partner in action, but unless a red raven flashes on the screen indicating help is needed, the player can trust that the AI companion is on the right path to completing his or her own level objectives. Level maps are also accessible, offering a visual reference of characters' location and the level layout.

Gamers embark upon the epic journey by first playing through events that took place 10 years prior to beginning of The Mark of Kri (denoted by a sepia-tone color level design) to learn that Rau has been killed. The story then fast forwards to the following decade when a series of new spells have taken hold by the Kasai sect, who aim to bring together the Kri mark residing in the form of tattoos on human flesh of the Rakus, which would trigger widespread evil across the land. In Rise of the Kasai, the player must battle the past in order to preserve the future.

Rise of the Kasai is available for exclusively for PlayStation 2 for a suggested retail price of $39.99. To increase excitement and awareness for the title, a substantial marketing campaign that includes print and online advertising, retail support, sampling opportunities on the PlayStation truck, a direct mailing program, and dedicated Web site is in effect.

National Print Advertising Campaign

Print advertisements will reach millions of readers nationwide through placements in a wide variety of national consumer, videogame, and comic publications. The print campaign began in March 2005 and will continue through June 2005, appearing in outlets such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Game Informer, Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Marvel Comics, Wizard, Stuff, FHM and Maxim. In addition, a six-panel poster insert featuring Tati in Play's "Girls of Gaming" ran in issue 2, available November 2004.

Viral and Online Advertising

Web site banner ads will appear on the following sites from March through April 2005: Gamespot, IGN, Atomfilms, ifilm, Liquid Generation, Maxim and WWE.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Rise of the Kasai "M" for Mature. For more information about the ESRB visit www.esrb.org.

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