R. Kelly Films Trapped in the Closet a 5 Part Urban Operetta

Album TP.3 Reloaded in Stores July 5

Playa's Only Featuring The Game Hits Radio May 19


Jive Recording artist and multi-Grammy, Billboard and Soul Train award winner R. Kelly will release the melodrama Trapped in the Closet to accompany his 10th studio album release TP.3 Reloaded on July 5, 2005. After a decade of being a true musical artist and selling well over 36 million albums worldwide R. Kelly has focused his considerable talents to the world of film and shoots a 16 minute short.

Trapped in the Closet, which was shot in High Definition format, is reminiscent of the serial movies of yesteryear full of suspense, mystery, drama and packed with unexpected twists and turns. To put it in modern terms its "Desperate Housewives" meets "Desperate Husbands." You will definitely ask to see this domestic drama again and again.

The score is based on the 5 part song "Trapped in the Closet (Chapters 1- 5)" and the first 2 chapters, which have recently been released, have been welcomed by has fans and demand at radio is incredible as the following numbers will attest. "Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 1 of 5)" has jumped from 21 to 12 on the Billboard Urban charts; and just a half week after being released "Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 2 of 5)" has followed in its footsteps and has jumped from 19 to 10 on the Radio & Records charts.

The complete dramatic operetta will only be available as a bonus DVD on his upcoming album TP.3 Reloaded; it will contain additional footage and a mix of the best of technology and R. Kelly's creative mind that will make the viewer feel Trapped in the Closet and fully immersed in this virtual world. The first part of Trapped in the Closet will air on BET's Access Granted on 5/25. Additionally a video for the upcoming single "Playa's Only" featuring The Game was recently shot in Miami. R. Kelly has been a musical force to be reckoned with for over a decade and he has returned to his roots to show everyone how it's done; "Trapped in the Closet (Chapter 1 of 5)" is only the beginning.

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