Jive Records Invite You To R. Kelly In-Stores


 Join Multi Platinum/Grammy Nominated Artist R. Kelly In Celebrating The
                  Release Of His New Album TP3: Reloaded

                               MEDIA ALERT
                    Call for still photographers only

                              WHEN AND WHERE
                              Tuesday July 5
                            1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

                              TOWER RECORDS
                              2301 N. Clark
                             Ph. 773-477-5994
                          Press arrival 12:30 PM

                            4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

                           GEORGE's MUSIC ROOM
                           3915 W. Roosevelt Rd
                             Ph. 773-762-8910
                          Press arrival 3:30 PM

                              PRESS CONTACT
        Sonia Muckle 212-824-1370 or Roberta Magrini 212-824-1240
       Sonia.Muckle@jiverecords.com Roberta.Magrini@jiverecords.com

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SOURCE: Jive Records

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