MediEvil Resurrection™ Rises from the Crypt to the PSP™ (Playstation®Portable) System

Popular MediEvil Franchise Goes Portable With New Levels, Characters, Cinematic Cut Scenes, Mini-Games and Game Sharing


Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today the release of MediEvil Resurrection™ exclusively for the PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Cambridge Studios, MediEvil Resurrection is an action-adventure game that is inspired by the myths, characters, and environments of the popular PlayStation® franchise that encompasses a gothic adventure, coupled with bizarre comical humor. In MediEvil Resurrection, players follow the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque and embark on a journey to defeat the evil Sorcerer Zarok, while interacting with various characters, enemies, weapons, and mini-games that take place in the realm of Gallowmere. In addition, MediEvil Resurrection features wireless multi-player connectivity* via ad-hoc mode and the first game to offer "game-sharing."

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"We are elated to bring a fan favorite and successful selling franchise to PSP," said Susan Nourai, director, online and product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "MediEvil Resurrection provides a unique new gameplay experience in its first portable installment, leaving gamers in anticipation for more on their PSP."

After a record-setting launch and months atop the industry as the leading seller among all game platforms, momentum for the heralded PSP is as robust as ever and will be further cemented by its growing library of titles including MediEvil Resurrection.


One hundred years have passed since the evil Sorcerer Zarok was defeated at the Battle of Gallowmere when he was heroically cut down by a mortally wounded Sir Daniel Fortesque, or at least, that's what the people were told. In fact, poor Sir Daniel Fortesque was a bit of a coward, falling in the very first wave of arrows. Now Zarok has returned, turning day into night, and raising an undead army to conquer the land. As a side effect, Sir Daniel Fortesque also has been resurrected, and now has the chance to defeat Zarok and in death become the hero he never was in life.


Featuring 19 levels and gameplay locations that take place in Gallowmere and a fully functional Carnival zone featuring an array of multi-level fairground style mini-games, there are many hours of gameplay, and opportunities to earn gold to fund Sir Dan's core quest. Additionally, eight mini-games with more than 70 challenges divided among single-player gameplay and wireless multi-player connectivity via ad-hoc mode add to the hours of fun. In wireless connectivity via ad-hoc mode, players can also compete in the innovative race mode. In addition, players have access to 20 weapons and an enriched combat/shielding system complete with more than 100 moves and multiple combos that can be used to tackle the 30+ enemies encountered throughout the quest.

As players take the role of Sir Daniel Fortesque while they explore Gallowmere, they are reacquainting themselves with many well-loved characters and places from the original MediEvil world -- all updated graphically, mechanically, and vocally, as well as the inclusion of new characters, locations, play mechanics and story plots. Sir Dan's new sidekick, Al Zalam, a streetwise sarcastic genie who is locked inside Sir Dan's hollow head, offers timely commentary on his successes and failures.

In MediEvil Resurrection, there are more than 100 humorous film-quality cut scenes: introducing characters such as the pedantic Harbor Master of Scurvy Docks and the new-age hippy nightmare, Forrest Witch.

About The Wipeout Pure Demo Featured In MediEvil Resurrection

Wipeout® Pure is the latest edition to the popular racing series for the PSP system and provides an intense, combat racing experience for players to race hover ships in various futuristic worlds. In the demo featured in the "game-sharing" mode in MediEvil Resurrection, players will have the opportunity to play and share the Elite Force -- Cross the Line track with other users via PSP Wi-Fi functionality.

About Game Sharing via the PSP

Game sharing allows players to share game content with other PSP users via the PSP Wi-Fi functionality. With a friend nearby, players select "Demo" from the "Main Menu" and choose the game content to share. In MediEvil Resurrection, players do not need to own Wipeout® Pure to play or share the demo. In addition, when using the "game-sharing" mode in MediEvil Resurrection with another player, only one user needs to have the MediEvil Resurrection UMD™ (Universal Media Disc) and the other user will be able to receive and play the content via the PSP Wi-Fi functionality.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated MediEvil Resurrection a "T" for "Teen" for fantasy violence, animated blood, suggestive themes and mild language. The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated Wipeout Pure an "E" for "Everyone" for fantasy violence, animated blood, suggestive themes and mild language. For more information about the ESRB visit

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