Sony and QuVIS Team to Deliver 4K Digital Cinema Projection System

Combination of Sony SXRD 4K Projector and QuVIS 4K Capable Server Offers Exhibitors the Core Infrastructure Necessary for a New Era of Cinema Technology


Here at ShowEast this week, Sony Electronics and QuVIS are announcing the availability of QuVIS' Cinema Server, which has been developed by QuVIS to work with Sony's SXRD (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display) 4K digital cinema projector.

With Sony's SXRD projector already establishing 4K digital cinema as a technological reality, the 4K-readiness of QuVIS' Cinema Server can now add one more layer of practical reality for exhibitors, offering them the core infrastructure necessary for displaying digital motion pictures in the highest resolution available.

Sony is bringing its SXRD projector, which is now shipping, to ShowEast fresh off a successful demonstration last week in Hollywood, where the market-ready version of the projector was unveiled. The joint development relationship with QuVIS marks the continuing evolution of both companies' digital cinema technologies.

"When we designed our third-generation digital cinema and mastering servers, we understood what the industry might want in terms of resolution, bandwidth and interfaces," said Kenbe Goertzen, CEO of QuVIS. "When Sony approached us to pursue development of a 4K DCI-compliant server, it was entirely consistent with our road-map and thus became more a matter of resource allocation than a complete redesign of an existing product. We are very excited to be supporting the 4K projector."

Designed as a platform for digital cinema playback, the QuVIS Cinema Player offers a range of options today, including 2K, 3D, DCI JPEG2000, MXF and AES encryption and key management. The QuVIS Cinema Player 4K is the logical next step for the QuVIS Cinema Player range of options and, in conjunction with the Sony SXRD technology, can eliminate debate about the "possibility" of a 4K system. Both QuVIS and Sony have the resources and commitment to deliver solutions that meet or exceed the DCI spec.

"Enabling the effective implementation of digital cinema is more than developing a new product," said John Scarcella, president of Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Business Solutions Company. "It's about offering exhibitors a more complete and cost-effective system solution, and that's what we've been able to achieve by working with QuVIS. Their server architecture was clearly the ideal complement for our SXRD projector, in terms of their technology's scalability and flexibility."

Sony's SXRD 4K digital cinema projector features a 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution to produce nearly four times the pixel count of current high definition TV displays. Complementing the projectors' outstanding pixel resolution is a high contrast ratio for deep blacks, outstanding picture uniformity and superb signal processing, including 4:2:2 to 4:4:4, which yields better tonal reproduction.

"We've continually worked to improve and refine our SXRD technology to ultimately deliver the type of movie-going experience that theater patrons desire," said John Kaloukian, general manager of display systems for Sony Electronics. "This relationship with QuVIS is part of our ongoing effort to work with leading companies to develop the highest-quality digital cinema solutions."

Since 1999, the QuVIS architecture has played an integral role in the digital cinema industry. QuVIS digital cinema servers were the first to play both 4K and 2K content, as well as the first to play and master 3D content.

About QuVIS, Inc.

QuVIS, Inc., is the leading provider of hi fidelity high resolution motion imaging technology. The QuVIS line of servers, recorders and players provide guaranteed image quality using Quality Priority Encoding, (QPE™). QuVIS also offers optional JPEG2000, MXF, secure encryption and key management for a complete end to end digital cinema solution. QuVIS offers servers for real-time mastering and recording of content for SD through 4K for production, post production, digital dailies, digital cinema exhibition, simulation and large screen displays. The ASIC version of QPE, embodied in the QuVIS Digital Mastering Codec (QDMC™), offers new capabilities for the image storage, analysis and communication industries and is available for OEM and licensing applications. For information contact QuVIS, Inc., 2921 Wanamaker Drive, Suite 107, Topeka, KS 66614, (785) 272-3656, or visit

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