A Radio for Every Room in the House


Rise and shine to rock n'roll. Sony's 2006 line of clock radios wakes you up and keeps you grooving.

Sony's newest under-the-cabinet and tabletop clock radios are designed to fit seamlessly in to the home, from the popular bedside alarm clock staple to the gem of the 2006 line simply called "the radio." "The radio," with its glossy, black style, is a big next step in radio design and technology.

The One, the Only, "the Radio"

Designed for the contemporary home, "the radio" (model ICF-M1000) features an eye-catching white back-lit prismatic LCD display set in a stunning high-gloss black textured cabinet. Sporting an FM/AM digital tuner, monaural base reflex speaker, highly sensitive digital tuning control and tone control, "the radio" has both beauty and brains.

With a headphone jack and supplied cable to connect an external music device, "the radio" lets you play back your favorite MP3s out loud or as a private concert. It will be available this month for about $150.

Tunes under the Cabinet

With a slim case that fits snugly under the cabinet, the new ICF-CD523 CD clock radio discreetly brings music to the kitchen. A digital AM/FM stereo tuner with 15 pre-sets stores your favorite stations for quick access, and a convenient front-loading design makes it easy to pop in your favorite CD. The ICF-CD523 radio will be available this month for about $70.

Bedside Clock Radios

On nightstands across the country, the alarm clock is one of the most important of bedroom accessories. With the practical job of waking you up, it can also educate you with the latest news, traffic and stock reports or set your mood with music from your favorite radio station.

And, because the time comes pre-set to the correct Eastern Standard Time (EST), all you may have to do is change to the time zone you're in and you're ready to go.

No power? No problem. The ICF-C180 Dream Machine includes a replaceable internal lithium battery that enables the alarm to sound even when the power is out. And, when the power returns, the clock time will automatically display the correct time. A triple LCD alarm/time display makes it easy to see the time and your alarm settings, though the brightness can be dimmed for a softer feel. With dual alarm, extendable snooze and easy alarm set, you'll have to think of another excuse for oversleeping. The ICF-C180 model will be available next month for about $25.

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