Sony Introduces Five Home Theater Systems That Are Music to the Ears


Sony is introducing five new home theater systems that offer functional elegance for movie and music lovers alike.

The new systems offer simple surround sound set-up features, including Sony's Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) auto speaker set-up technology and a Multi-speaker Formation function.

DCAC auto speaker setup technology utilizes Sony's digital signal processor to ensure optimal speaker settings for your living room, measuring, and then automatically adjusting for speaker placement, distance and delays using a supplied microphone.

The Multi-speaker Formation function allows for multiple speaker formation settings, so you can keep all the speakers in the front of the room if you'd like. All of this can be navigated and selected on-screen via supplied remote.

Additionally, the systems integrate a high-quality DVD player with HDMI® (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output with 720p/1080i video upscaling for connectivity with the latest digital televisions to ensure an optimum picture. The systems also offer a Portable Audio Enhancer feature, which provides connectivity to portable audio players and enhances sound quality of compressed audio using advanced digital signal processing technology.

The majority of the new systems are XM® Connect and Play™ ready, offering an easy way to enjoy nearly 160 different channels of programming with a subscription and the addition of an XM Connect and Play antenna.

"People are interacting with new content like never before, from digital music files to satellite radio, giving them more freedom at home, as well as on the go," said Philip Abram, vice president of marketing for Sony Electronics' Home Products Division. "Recognizing this, we designed our new home theater packages to leverage these technologies, while optimizing them to achieve the best quality in-home audio-video experience possible, all in an attractive and easy-to-use system."

New Additions to the DVD Dream Family

Sony's elegantly designed DAV-LF1H DVD Dream® System features a top loading single-disc DVD/CD/SA-CD player with 720p/1080i video upscaling through the system's HDMI one-cable digital interface. The model also includes five flat-panel speakers, a Digital Direct Twin-drive subwoofer and powerful 32-bit S-Master® digital amplifier.

Additionally, the unit features Sony's proprietary Digital Infrared Audio Transmission Technology (DIAT), enabling the rear surround speakers to be wireless or wired depending on consumer preference. Also included is DCAC auto speaker setup technology, which, with the use of an included microphone, simplifies surround sound set-up by measuring and adjusting for speaker placement, distance, and delay.

Also new to the DVD Dream System family is the DAV-FX900W. The unit features DIAT wireless technology for either wired or wireless rear speakers and DCAC auto speaker setup technology. The included speakers consist of four floor-standing speakers, a slim center channel speaker and a Digital Direct Twin-drive subwoofer.

In addition, the system features a five-disc DVD/CD/SA-CD player featuring 720p/1080i video upscaling through the HDMI digital interface. The system offers powerful and pure sound thanks to Sony's S-Master digital amplifier producing 1280 watts of total system power.

The DAV-FX900W is also XM Connect and Play ready and includes Sony's Portable Audio Enhancer feature, so you can plug a portable audio player through its front audio input and listen to music with enhanced sound quality.

Sony also introduced the DAV-FX500 DVD Dream System. This XM Connect and Play ready system features two floor-standing front speakers with nano-fine tweeters, a five-disc DVD/CD/SACD player with HDMI video upscaling to 720p/1080i and a 32-bit S-Master digital amplifier producing 1,000 watts of total system power. The system also features the Portable Audio Enhancer and DCAC auto speaker set-up technology.

Rounding out the new line is the DAV-DX375 model. This unit includes an integrated DVD player that upscales video to 720p/1080i through its HDMI digital interface, DCAC auto speaker set-up technology, the Portable Audio Enhancer, Multi-speaker Formation function, and two tall elegantly designed speaker stands provided for the front or rear speakers.

The Perfect System for the Movie and Music Lover

Consumers looking for big sound from a pre-packaged component-based home theater system should take note of Sony's new HT-7000DH home theater system. This 5.1 surround sound package includes a five-disc DVD/CD player with 720p/1080i HDMI upscaling and two-way front speakers with wood-grain cabinets. The included receiver is highlighted by XM Connect and Play ready capabilities and features DCAC auto speaker set-up technology and HDMI pass-through (2 In, 1 Out), as well as two optical inputs and multiple analog inputs for connecting additional sources.

The DAV-LF1H system will be available in July for about $2,000 and the DAV-FX900W and DAV-FX500 models will be available in May for about $900 and $600, respectively. The DAV-DX375 and HT-7000DH units will be available in April for about $400 and $500, respectively.

All new home theater systems will be available through at SonyStyle retail stores and at authorized dealers nationwide.

SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

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