Sony's New Hi-Fi Component Systems Blend Design With Power


Sony's new lineup of Hi-Fi component systems for the home or office comes with satellite radio readiness, line in connectivity for digital music players, powerful sound and eye-catching designs.

"As the popularity of portable audio devices and satellite radio skyrockets, consumers are demanding new innovations that expand the boundaries of those music channels," said Ruben Tellez, product manager for Sony Electronics. "Our new line of Hi-Fi component systems incorporates those innovations to meet the high expectations of music-savvy and design conscious consumers."

XM Ready Systems

To meet consumer demand for multi-device compatible products, Sony is introducing the CMT-HPR99XM and MHC-GX570XM Hi-Fi component systems. Both systems are XM satellite radio ready, so consumers won't miss a moment of their favorite commercial free programming. They are designed with an audio line in to listen to all the tunes from portable audio devices.

The MHC-GX570XM model includes a hybrid dual woofer and 460W of total power output to deliver booming sound. The CMT-HPR99XM system incorporates a five-CD changer, allowing users to listen longer without interrupting the flow of music. Additionally, a digital FM/AM tuner on both models provides accurate, drift-free tuning of AM and FM radio stations.

The MHC-GX570XM system will be available in April for about $250. The CMT-HPR99XM unit will also be available in April for about $200.

In the Groove

The new line's most powerful Hi-Fi system is the MHC-GX9900 model. This 520W system allows MP3 playback with an MP3 booster that maximizes the sound quality of compressed MP3 files and Sony's GROOVEâ„¢ bass enhancement to intensify the power of the music. The system also has a unique air intake design that cools the amplifier to allow higher power output. Two-way, eight-inch front speakers and two-way, five-inch surround speakers round out this robust system for an unparalleled listening experience.

  The MHC-GX9900 system will be available in April for about $400.

                 Sound & Style:  A Beautiful Combination

Sony's MHC series of Hi-Fi component systems are stylish and compact, making them easy to place in a variety of environments. The 400W MHC-GX470 model is a powerful system that includes both a 20-centimeter supplied subwoofer and hybrid dual woofers for wall-shaking sound. This system also has front Audio/PC input and MP3 playback, so music libraries can be accessed wherever they are stored.

The MHC-EC70 model features 320W of power with a new slim style and wooden speaker cabinets to blend seamlessly into the home. The MHC-GX470 system will be available in April for about $200 and the MHC-EC70 model is available now for about $150.

Powerful, Pulsating Sound

Sony's new lineup also includes the CMT family of Hi-Fi component systems. A 5-CD changer and MP3 playback give the CMT-HPR90 system the flexibility to play continuous music longer, making it the centerpiece of the party. Also unveiled this year is the CMT-DX2D shelf system that incorporates DVD and CD playback. With Dolby Digital sound and a 100W total system power, the CMT-DX2D system is the ultimate all-in-one entertainment center for small spaces.

Both the CMT-HPR90 and CMT-DX2D shelf systems will be available in April for about $180 and $200, respectively.

SOURCE: Sony Electronics Inc.

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