Three Days Grace 'Change Your Life' Tour


"What if you were given the opportunity to turn your life around, if someone looked you in the face when you had no hope left and said: 'This is it my friend ... How will you use your three days of grace?'"

This is the question Adam Gontier and members of Three Days Grace are posing to people across America on their Three Days to Change tour. The band is doing free concerts at a wide variety of rehab centers, treatment facilities, and detention centers this summer and fall to spread their message. Through special live performances and in-depth Q&A sessions, Adam is taking these audiences through his dark internal journey as an addict who has gotten clean, and explaining what he did to turn his life around and find hope. Three Days Grace is giving back to the community that saved them. The platinum-selling rock band's sophomore album, One-X, is a raw and confessional release whose lyrics relate the story of lead singer Adam Gontier's personal destruction and ongoing battles with inner demons. Three Days Grace is now touring America and spreading the word that you can change, you can turn your life around, all you need is three days.

  First stop, Thursday, August 10th
  Cirque Lodge
  1240 East 800 NorthOrem, Utah 84097

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