LocoRoco™ Rolls Onto the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) System

E3 Award-Winning Colorful Platform Game Spreads Joy to North American Gamers


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced today the North American release of LocoRoco™, available exclusively for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Japan Studio, LocoRoco™ is a 2D platform/action game that allows players to control the unique and quirky world of the LocoRoco and guide them through more than 40 vibrant, lush levels filled with slippery slopes, swinging ropes and secret passages while they grow, divide, sing, change shape, and overcome obstacles. Inspired by Director Tsutomu Kouno's fascination with oil and water in classic toys, LocoRoco's simplified 2D graphic style is paired with complex physics so that these blobs of joy fluidly morph and respond to the environment in various ways.

At E3 2006, LocoRoco garnered the following awards: 1Up.com- Best PSP Game, GamesRadar.com- Best of E3 (PSP), GameSpy- Top 5 Handheld Games, IGN- PSP GAME OF THE SHOW, Best Puzzle Game of the Show (PSP), Best Artistic Design (PSP), Most Innovative Game (PSP), MTV GameTrailers- Best Puzzle Game and G4- Best Original Game of the Show.

"LocoRoco's charming characters, colorful environments and addictive play make will make it hard to resist the urge to share this game with friends," said Susan Nourai, director, online and product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Even its whimsical soundtrack will have players humming the infectious music for the rest of the day!"

About the gameplay in LocoRoco

Featuring uniquely simple controls primarily utilizing the PSP's "L" and "R" shoulder buttons, LocoRoco tasks players with controlling the game world by "tilting or bumping" the landscape in order to help the brightly colored LocoRoco navigate through each level, save more LocoRoco and keep them all out of harm's way. The six different types of LocoRoco each have their own voices and actions, as well as their own enchanting theme songs that capture the happy creatures' colorful world. Bonus features include three mini-games, wireless game sharing features, and the LocoHouse, a customizable playhouse with dozens of pieces collectible throughout the game.

About the story in LocoRoco

At the beginning of the game, the peaceful world of the LocoRoco is under attack by outer spacer creatures called the Moja Corps, who want to capture the blissful LocoRoco and take them from their land of blowing flowers, lively friends and pastel scenery. As the planet the LocoRoco inhabit, players must tilt, roll and bounce the LocoRoco to safety, increase their numbers, and regain world peace.

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The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has rated LocoRoco "E" for "Everyone." For more information about the ESRB, visit www.esrb.org .

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