Sony to Host 'The Ataris' Pop-Punk Band Video Creation Remix Contest Contestants Are the First to Remix Tracks and Produce an Original Music Video From the Band's Unreleased Fifth Studio Album, 'Welcome the Night'

03/23/2007®, one of the Internet's premier sites for user-generated music and video content and computer-based recording and remixing tools, has launched a new remix contest with a reinvented, pop-indie rock band, The Ataris. Aspiring musicians and music video producers can now add their style and flavor to a song track off the Ataris' upcoming album, "Welcome the Night."

The Ataris were discovered in early 1997 and soon after signed and made their first record, "Anywhere But Here" by Kung-Fu Record Label. After another album release in 2003, the Ataris experienced several band member dissolutions and major record label transitions. By 2005, The Ataris were re-born with seven new band members and a sound created as uniquely as the band's history. Members, Kristopher Roe, John Collura, Paul Carabello, Angus Cooke, Bob Hoag, Sean Hansen and Shane Chickeles have reinvented The Ataris with their latest album, "Welcome the Night."

Exclusively at, remix contest participants can create an original music video for the Ataris' track, "Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies" from their new Sanctuary Records unreleased album, "Welcome the Night." remix contest participants can create their own music video and score it with the original (unremixed) track, "Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies." For those participants who don't already have video editing software, they can download a free trial version of any application in the Vegas® video editing product family. Participants can then download the original track, create their video and score it in any editing software application. When participants are finished, they simply click the "Upload My Entry" button to upload their video and complete their entry into the video contest. remix contest participants will be allowed to start downloading the Ataris' single, "Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies" on Thursday, March 22, 2007. All entries must be fully uploaded by 12:00 a.m. midnight PST on Thursday, May 03, 2007. The winner will receive merchandise from Sony Media Software and Sanctuary Records including a copy of both Vegas+DVD Production Suite ($699) and ACID Pro 6 ($499) software applications, along with a signed copy of the Ataris new album, "Welcome the Night" on both CD and Vinyl and much more.

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